Body Language Expert Tells Us Barron Couldn't Hide Tension During Trump Rally Appearance

WELCOME TO THE SCENE! On July 9, Barron Trump finally made his first appearance on the 2024 campaign trail. As evidenced by video provided by X user @BGOnTheScene, during the 90-minute rally in Doral, Florida, Donald J. Trump took time out of his speech to introduce his youngest son, whom he shares with his wife and former first lady Melania Trump, to the crowd of supporters. "He's a very special guy. Barron Trump," the proud papa thundered before scanning for him in the crowd. "Where is Barron?" the former prez asked before eyeing his son and commanding him to "Stand up!" After a standing ovation from the crowd, Donald remarked, "He's pretty popular, he might be more popular than Don and Eric! Barron, it's good to have you." Ah, nothing like some good old-fashioned sibling rivalry. 

Alas, one body language expert we talked to is certain that there was actually some tension brewing between the famous father-son duo. "Here we see him pumping his fists in the air. That's celebratory but from the fists we see some tension. The he matches his dad's thumbs up," body language trainer and certified speaking professional Traci Brown pointed out about Barron's inaugural Trump rally appearance. Ruh-roh. Trouble in paradise? Let's discuss further, shall we?

Body language expert Traci Brown believes that there's a chance Barron Trump doesn't want the spotlight at all

According to body language expert Traci Brown, although Barron Trump seemingly played along and matched his father's energy, flashing both smiles and thumbs up to the group of eager supporters, below the surface there was something less pleasant going on. Case in point: Barron begrudgingly standing up for the crowd at his father's behest. "A closer look reveals that he didn't stand till he's called to do so. And he shows barely a smile, keeping his mouth closed. So he's not really into showing full emotion, staying more reserved," Brown explained. "Possibly really doesn't want the spotlight," she added. 

It's no secret that Donald has made his political aspirations a family affair. Alas, since his golden girl Ivanka Trump made her stance on her father's future crystal clear and Melania Trump's plans for the campaign trail are more unclear than ever, it appears he's now set his sights on young Barron. In fact, in May, Donald claimed on Philadelphia's Talk Radio's "Kayal and Company" that Barron had actually already been low-key advising him. "He does like politics. It's sort of funny," he gushed. "He'll tell me sometimes, 'Dad, this is what you have to do.'"  Perhaps time will really tell whether or not Barron actually prefers the political spotlight. In the meantime, we'll just file this one under all of the strange things about Donald's relationship with his youngest son Barron