The Real Reason Jennifer Lopez's Halftime Show Has People Talking

Jennifer Lopez performed along with Shakira at the Pepsi Super Bowl Halftime Show on Feb. 2, 2020, and people can't stop talking about it. The halftime show is one of the biggest televised music events of the year, and this was both Lopez and Shakira's first time performing on the world stage. Neither star revealed much about their set ahead of time, leaving fans stunned when they finally took the stage to deliver a hit-filled — yet controversial — show.

Lopez's show was especially attention-grabbing. The 50-year-old star performed a medley of several of her biggest hits, including "Jenny from the Block," "Waiting For Tonight," and "On the Floor," while showcasing her insane athleticism. It seems like everyone had something to say about her performance, and the reviews were both positive and negative. Between her dance moves, her extra-special guest star, and her subtle political references, there's definitely a lot to discuss. Here's why people are still obsessing over Lopez's halftime show.

Jennifer Lopez wore revealing bodysuits at age 50

Fashion isn't usually the focus of the Super Bowl halftime show, but, in this case, Jennifer Lopez's outfits were very much a hot topic of discussion. The 50-year-old star wore tight, revealing bodysuits designed by Versace throughout the show, including a sheer bodysuit with mirror shards and another partially-sheer bodysuit with silver booty fringe. Each bodysuit took hundreds of hours to create, per The New York Times. The results were incredibly eye-catching and uniquely J.Lo.

Many viewers praised Lopez for proving that women can still be sexy at 50, while more conservative Super Bowl viewers criticized her for being inappropriate. Some fans on social media pointed out the double standard that holds J.Lo accountable for not being modest enough while Adam Levine went fully topless during his 2019 halftime show. "So Adam Levine is allowed to perform shirtless during the halftime show and sexually dance across the stage... but as soon as two confident Latina women do it, with just as much coverage if not more, it's deemed 'inappropriate'?" one Twitter user asked.

All the drama aside, many fans were just stunned that Lopez looks exactly the same as she did 20 years ago!

Jennifer Lopez did a pole-dancing routine on-stage

Jennifer Lopez's sensual halftime performance involved more than just racy outfits — her dance moves were also pretty sexual. The Hustlers star learned how to pole dance for her role as Ramona, a scam artist and stripper. She showed off her new moves at the Super Bowl during her song, "Waiting for Tonight." 

Again, reactions to this bold move ranged from inspired to offended. Some critics blasted J. Lo for doing "explicitly sexual dances" in a show that children could be watching. Many others were simply enthralled by the sheer athleticism of her moves on the pole. Pole dancing isn't just for strippers anymore; it's now a popular recreational fitness activity and it's really difficult, making it all the more impressive that Lopez is doing it for the first time at 50. "J Lo pole dancing was clearly the female empowerment halftime show we all needed," one person wrote on Twitter. Some fans even joked that the halftime show was revenge for Hustlers not being nominated for any Oscars.

Jennifer Lopez's show involved subtle political commentary

Jennifer Lopez also made a few subtle statements about political issues during her Super Bowl halftime show. The notable moments took place when Lopez's 11-year-old daughter, Emme Muñiz, took the stage alongside her mom as a "symbol of the American dream," as a source explained to Page Six before the show.

Muñiz, backed by a children's choir, sang the opening notes of Bruce Springsteen's "Born in the USA" while Lopez danced with both an American flag and a Puerto Rican flag. Lopez, who was born in the Bronx to Puerto Rican parents, was no doubt making a statement that her Puerto Rican roots are as American as anyone else's. "Rocking the Puerto Rican flag while singing 'Born in the USA.' A good reminder for those who sometimes need it, that Puerto Rico is part of the United States," political strategist Alexandra Chalupa wrote on Twitter, copying President Trump onto the tweet.

Moreover, the children in the choir sat inside glowing neon cages, which many fans believe is a reference to President Trump's "zero tolerance" immigration policy. The policy has resulted in hundreds of children being separated from their parents and housed in detention centers, reportedly in literal cages.

It's clear that Lopez's show is sparking a lot of discussion and debate. And as as a performer and proud Latina woman, that was likely her exact goal!