The Untold Truth Of Britney Spears' Husband Sam Asghari

Britney Spears' romantic past has been a roller coaster of rocky relationships. Who could forget her time with Justin Timberlake that ended in cheating allegations, her Las Vegas wedding with Jason Allen Alexander (who also allegedly gate-crashed her June 2022 wedding), or her questionable years with Kevin Federline? But these days, Spears' love life seems downright idyllic thanks to her husband, Sam Asghari.

The marriage news may have surprised fans, though the two had been engaged for nine months, others are glad the two are finally married. Brandon Cohen, Asghari's rep, told the Associated Press, "I am very ecstatic this day has come, and they are married. I know he wanted this for so long. He is so caring and supportive every step of the way" (via NPR). Spears and Asghari were expecting their first child together, but Spears suffered a miscarriage in May 2022.

Per the BBC, the couple celebrated a small celebration of their love with some star guests including Madonna, Paris Hilton, Drew Barrymore, and Selena Gomez. So who is this new husband who, back in 2019, told "Entertainment Tonight" that he saw wedding bells in the air with Spears?

He's the younger one in the relationship

Relationships that involve significant (even uncomfortable) age gaps are nothing new in the entertainment industry, which is perhaps why no one seems to bat an eyelash over the fact that there's a 13-year age difference between Britney Spears (who was born on December 2, 1981) and Sam Asghari (who made his way into the world on March 23, 1994). The age thing probably doesn't bother Spears either, as she once admitted during her "I Am Britney Jean" documentary (via the Daily Mail), "Sometimes I feel like I am 20 and sometimes I feel like I am 50."

While Spears has quite a few more years to go before she actually nears 50, she can at least hold onto the fact that Asghari will still be attractive when they eventually go gray. That is if an estimation of him when he's older is correct: according to him, the older version of himself "looks like Robert [De] Niro." We wonder if Spears thinks De Niro is a hottie.

Sam Asghari was born in Iran (and his name isn't actually Sam)

While Sam Asghari fell in love and married a woman who was born in Mississippi and raised in Louisiana, he was actually born on the other side of the world, in Tehran, Iran. "When [Asghari] was 2, his father, Mike, moved to [Los Angeles] to work as a tow truck driver, hoping his family would eventually be able to join him in the States," according to Men's Health. Us Weekly notes that Asghari made the big move to the U.S. when he was 12, something that he talked to the former publication about, saying, "I had to leave my friends and family who I was very close with, and I knew I was moving away and never coming back."

Thankfully for Asghari, he found someone new to be close to in his adopted home. And, yes, we're talking about Britney Spears. Frankly, the two are on such sweetly intimate terms, that he revealed in 2017 that she skips his nickname, Sam, and instead uses his real name, Hesam, which is something that elicited a heart-eyed emoji from her appreciative and adoring then-boyfriend.

Good looks run in Sam Asghari's family

Sam Asghari obviously has good genes because he comes from one pretty family. The youngest of four children and the only boy, the model occasionally posts photos of his sisters, and, wow, they're just as beautiful as he is. Whether slaying a golden mane or rocking darker locks like their brother, these ladies are lovely.

And these adult kids definitely take after their mom, who is just as stunning. "She's [not] my sister ... this is my beautiful mother," Asghari wrote on Instagram in 2017, along with an image of himself and his seemingly proud parent. "[The] last time we saw each other was in 2006, my parents worked their a**es off for me to live a better life. Mama your son is a grown-a** man now."

The women in Asghari's family aren't just pretty, they're also pretty friendly, at least where Britney Spears is concerned. "We've hung out a lot of times," Asghari told "Entertainment Tonight" in 2019 while talking about his family and his then-girlfriend. "We've been together for three years and my sisters love her, my family loves her. My mom lives in another country [but] when she was here, she met her." The Spears family was noticeably absent from the recent nuptials, but Asghari's family was there. So clearly the support for this couple from his family runs deep.

Britney Spears' husband used to be a football player

Long before Sam Asghari was known as Britney Spears' husband, he was a football player. "After getting to [Los Angeles], the teenager threw himself into sports," according to Men's Health. That's what led him to join his high school football team during his freshman year, which is where "he found community ... the same way he did back in Iran."

Asghari eventually ended up in a football program at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, but things didn't go as planned: when he was cut from the team, he lost his chance at a scholarship to the school, which forced him to return to L.A., where he played for Moorpark College. While that could have been a fresh start for the athlete, Asghari decided to leave Moorpark and football too to pursue a very different path that nearly led him to a career that you might not expect.

Police officer Asghari? What might have been...

These days, Sam Asghari finds plenty of work as a model, actor, and fitness buff, but "back in Tehran, living with his mom and sisters, Asghari focused on soccer and dreamed of a career in sports or law enforcement," according to Men's Health. While Asghari attempted to pursue a path in sports while in the United States, he switched his focus when it became clear that he wasn't destined to be a professional athlete. Instead, he returned to his other childhood dream: he wanted to become a cop.

Asghari once described his past self by saying, "I was a very masculine guy — I played football and was in the police academy." Indeed, when he left Moorpark College, he "[enrolled] in Los Angeles Pierce College to study criminal justice," per the publication. However, it wasn't long before he switched gears yet again, and "within months, Asghari began working as a personal trainer." Thankfully for Asghari, this was the path that led him to where he is today.

Sam Asghari once dropped 100 pounds

Although Sam Asghari is obviously a super fit specimen, he didn't always lead the kind of healthy lifestyle that results in such a built body. In fact, there was a time in his life when "working out was no longer a priority" and yet "he continued to eat like he did when he played football," per Men's Health. Eventually, "6-foot-2 Asghari [was] tipping the scales at 290 [pounds]."

During a period of "stress-eating," Asghari told the publication that he "was eating Doritos for breakfast, fast food, sugar, candy, no protein, a lot of carbs, and drinking sugary sodas." He continued, "My nutrition was extremely horrible. The stress and the fear of not going anywhere [in life] combined gave me my depression." That's when he decided to make a change. In a span of six months, Asghari lost almost 100 pounds, with the media outlet noting, "His new physique and healthy lifestyle changed his life."

The man who regularly flexes a muscular figure on Instagram these days took to social media in July 2017 to share a side-by-side comparison of himself before and after embracing a healthier lifestyle. "Talk about a life change," he wrote. "Same exact person, same exact work ethic, just a different mindset ... It is not a coincidence, you do not get lucky, also you're never born into it. You got to earn it. I promise you something, it is absolutely worth it." Asghari certainly seems to be proof of that.

Sports enthusiasts might be interested in Sam Asghari's soccer academy

Sam Asghari seems to have two loves when it comes to sports: football and soccer. While his dreams of a life in football didn't work out, he's used his passion for soccer to pursue an endeavor that will embrace his athletic side and let others do the same. In March 2019, Asghari announced on Instagram, "Having undergone a physical transformation myself, I will be setting up a soccer academy to inspire others to look after themselves both mentally and physically." He added, "This has always been a dream of mine, and now I can share this journey with you all!"

Asghari also talked to "Entertainment Tonight" about the academy, saying, "Physical training is integrated with my career and long-term goals for health and well-being for longevity in fitness performance as well as my acting career." And when it comes to what it will offer those who enroll, he explained, "You could call it 'sports without borders,' I suppose, in the spirit of the intercultural tradition of the Olympics. It is about inclusiveness, striving, and trying your best whatever that personal best is for you."

While the academy isn't up and running quite yet, you can get on the list to find out more about getting in on the action as soon as it launches.

Britney Spears' husband also runs the Asghari Fitness program

Sam Asghari's athletic nature hasn't just inspired him to open a soccer academy, he's also set up Asghari Fitness, which offers training and meal plans to help clients attempt to (maybe? possibly?) achieve his level of health.

"Who's ready for my very first fitness program? ... Who's ready to take your life to another level?" Asghari wrote on Instagram in January 2020. "My friends and fans have inspired me to [create] a program for everyone that wants to get in the best shape of their lives mentally and physically!" Claiming to have "helped thousands of people transform their bodies and their lives" with his "honest and simple approach," Asghari encourages those who participate in his program to adopt a "realistic" and "sustainable plan" that will "create lifelong change."

While Asghari's sculpted body is surely enough of an advertisement for what can happen if you follow his example, his social media-worthy workouts with Britney Spears may also help to boost his program's popularity. Although you may not get the chance to bench press the pop star as he does.

Yes, that was Sam Asghari in a Fifth Harmony video

Sam Asghari may have met Britney Spears when he appeared in her "Slumber Party" video" in 2016, but that wasn't the first time he'd been cast to play one of the handsome figures that add a little (or a lot of) heat to a pop production. Earlier that same year, he showed up in (the short-lived girl group) Fifth Harmony's "Work From Home" as a sweaty (downright glistening) construction worker. "Thanks in part to Asghari's ripped physique, the video has [over] 2 billion views on YouTube," according to Men's Health.

"I got a lot of attention from Fifth Harmony, so I knew what I was stepping into," Asghari told "Entertainment Tonight" in 2019, while discussing his path from starring in the short-lived girl group's video to being selected by Spears herself to appear alongside her. "Fifth Harmony was just coming out as a little group, and then now Britney Spears, the Princess of Pop, is calling me, wanting me to play the love interest ... I said, 'Why not? Let me give it a shot.'" That's one shot we can guarantee he's glad he took.

Britney Spears' husband could be your new favorite actor

Sam Asghari may have started out in music videos, but his ambition goes beyond silent bit parts. He's now gotten into acting, which he first tried out in high school and continued to pursue during college. Although he's only been at it for a couple of years, as of this writing, Britney Spears' boyfriend has already scored roles in "Can You Keep a Secret?," which costars "Orange Is the New Black's" Laverne Cox, and even landed a spot on "NCIS."

In December 2019, Asghari took to Instagram to share a behind-the-scenes photo of himself on the set of the long-running crime show. "Such a pleasure to do my first [co-star role] on a [bada**] show like @ncis_cbs on @cbstv season 17 episode 10 'the North Pole' AKA one of the biggest shows on the planet," he wrote. "So far one of the best sets I've been on!" That was followed by a post in January 2020, which featured an image of Asghari that gives off a classy (and dangerous!) vibe: "Introducing the [newest cast] member on the @familybusinessbet season 2."

As of 2022, Asghari has a dozen IMDb credits to his name. That includes his 2022 summer big screen performance alongside Mel Gibson in "Hot Seat." Asghari hasn't been shy about sharing performance updates on his social media either.

Sam Asghari is really into (expensive) cars

Sam Asghari apparently loves — and loves to pose with — expensive cars. Whether they're flashy and yellow like the sun, a sleek black ride, or a bright blue Lamborghini, he seems perfectly pleased to be with each one. Asghari even posted an animated version of himself with a Ferrari, which may not be as impressive (or as expensive) as the real thing, but it's still pretty cool.

The newlywed Britney Spears and Asghari even took off after their wedding in a white Rolls-Royce, according to Page Six. That was an exciting adventure for Spears in particular who told her Instagram followers all about it per the outlet. "All right, so this is my second time to ever be in a Rolls-Royce," Spears revealed to her followers. "I'm really excited. There's stars on the ceiling. There's also very, very tiny champagne glasses, which I've never had. Very cold already with champagne."

Despite being a car guy, Asghari has said he doesn't have a car collection. Auto Evolution reported that Asghari said he sold some cryptocurrency to afford his vintage 1965 Ford Mustang in 2021. The outlet also reported that Asghari loves his Jeep Wrangler. So even if he's an expensive car guy, he also appreciates the hardworking classics too.

Britney Spears' husband is an animal lover

Britney Spears has a fondness for animals, which is something that she can share with her husband, Sam Asghari. He even posted a photo of himself and the singer riding horses together with the caption, "Giddy up with my cowgirl." But the two don't just adore big beasts. Spears has a fondness for mini creatures, as well, which is why she has two tiny dogs, a Maltese and a Yorkshire Terrier (or Yorkie, if you prefer). Perhaps one of the reasons she gets along so well with Asghari is the fact that he also loves pocket-sized pooches. If you follow him on Instagram, you may have noticed his fluffy pup named Penny, who pops up in posts where she's getting a kiss or receiving new food after gaining some weight.

In October 2021, the couple even welcomed a new furry friend to their household. Asghari and Spears adopted a Doberman Pinscher puppy named Porsha! According to Asghari's Instagram post, Porsha was a surprise for Spears. Asghari's video explains that the little pup is meant to both love as well as protect Spears from anyone who would mess with her. People points out that the arrival came less than two months after an alleged incident between Spears and a housekeeper around her dog's vet care.

Sam Asghari loves his 'normal' relationship with Britney Spears

Sam Asghari may be with one of the most famous pop stars around, but it's not the spotlight that makes his romance with Britney Spears special to him. "What I love the most about my relationship is the fact that it's so normal," he told "Entertainment Tonight" in 2019. "It's not glamorous or anything."

Asghari went on to explain how their relationship feeds each of their needs, saying, "She inspires me in my work and I can give so much to her by going to the gym, by going to work, by having a balanced life." Their newlywed life is certainly being caught on camera as the couple is still deep in the Honeymoon Phase. Yet it doesn't seem like these two lovebirds ever exited that stage of dating either. He even opened up to GQ ahead of his wedding with Spears and told the magazine about his nickname for her -– Lioness.

"It came to me because I always figured the lion is lazy," he told the magazine. "The male lion has always been the symbol of the king of the jungle. But it's not true, it's really the female and she's very strong and she was very independent. And lioness was a beautiful name that just came to me out of nowhere. So it's kind of a nickname, but I don't call her that everyday. It was kind of like a symbol."

He's thanked Britney for helping his career

Sam Asghari is responsible for his own career, though he isn't being stingy with giving credit where it's due. He told Variety that his then-fianceé Britney Spears really helped elevate his pivot to acting. "I'm just living my life and having a great moment," Asghari said. "And I just want to thank [Spears] so much for putting me on the map as far as, you know, everything else that's going on in my career. She helped me so much with that. Let's be real. Let's be real now, right?"

In another piece from Variety, Asghari said he would like to be a superhero in a Marvel film, to which the internet had a lot to say. FandomWire collected some of the responses with one user saying the new actor should take some classes first, while another pointed out an incorrect fact Asghari had told the magazine. Asghari said his acting dream is to be the first Middle Easterner to play a superhero. Even though the interview was from 2021, that "first" has already been taken.

Depending on what parameters Asghari was using, there are several actors already in that identity. Gal Gadot is an Israeli actor who played Wonder Woman in 2017, Iman Vellani is a Pakistani-Canadian actor and the first Muslim character in the MCU, and Bahranian May El Calamawy was Layla in "Moon Knight" to name a few.

He supported her throughout her conservatorship battle

Britney Spears' more than decade-long conservatorship was a heavy weight for the singer to bear. But in her corner for the last several years was beau Sam Asghari, who wholeheartedly believed she would triumph in the case. "It's amazing for me to feel the love for her and for her to see how many people love her because of the love that she gave other people," he told Variety. "They're just giving it back to her." Asghari added that Spears inspired him through all of it and he was beyond thrilled for her.

On the day that Spears' conservatorship was terminated, Asghari took to Instagram with a bright pink image reading "FREEDOM." In his caption he wrote: "History was made today. Britney is Free!" with a heart emoji at the end. A source told People in June 2021 that Asghari had been a huge support for Spears throughout the legal battle -– even down to making sure she keeps her routines like eating right and exercising. Earlier in 2021, Asghari told the magazine that he was looking forward to having a regular life with Spears after the conservatorship ended.

Hannah Montana helped him learn English

Britney Spears isn't the only iconic superstar who made a huge impact on Sam Asghari's life. Disney's "Hannah Montana" actually helped Asghari learn English! He told GQ that, in addition to his English courses in school, he watched Miley Cyrus' popular show to get a leg up in his language skills. He told the magazine that he didn't speak English at the time in middle school when his family came to the United States, which was difficult because his family didn't have Persian neighbors.

"I had one friend that spoke Farsi, but we never spoke Farsi to each other," Asghari told GQ. "We were very committed to fitting in, and we did many, many, many things to fit in. We used to drink Gatorade every single morning off the vending machine, because we thought it was an American thing to do." Even with the difficulties of straddling multiple identities growing up as an immigrant, Asghari told Men's Health that he felt grateful for the chance to have such varied cultural experiences. He told the magazine that his family moved to the United States to assimilate, which is why he dove into things like learning the language which led to football, and he even took drama classes and was on his high school's improv team.

He signed a prenup before marrying Britney

After getting engaged in September 2021, Sam Asghari and Britney Spears got a lot of questions — specifically about a prenup. You can't really blame folks for being nosey. After watching Spears fight so hard to break free from her 13-year conservatorship, which also had control of her $70 million net worth, a prenup only made sense. Asghari is worth about $1 million in comparison. Yet he was maintaining his composure about the line of questioning.

According to People, Asghari took to his Instagram stories to alleviate concerns about prenups. ​​"Thank you to everyone who is concerned about the prenup," the magazine said he wrote on his story. "Of course, we're getting an ironclad prenup to protect my Jeep and shoe collection in case she dumps me one day." His post ended with a pair of laugh-crying emojis as well. People also confirmed that the prenup states that Asghari would have no access to any of the money Spears made before their wedding.

A source confirmed to Page Six that the prenup would ultimately protect Spears if anything were to happen to the marriage. "Britney and Sam signed a prenup in her favor," the source told the outlet. "Any money she made before the wedding is protected."