The Truth About Mike Bloomberg's Ex-Wife Susan Brown

Democratic presidential candidate Michael "Mike" Bloomberg threw his hat into the 2020 race in November 2019, subsequently spotlighting his personal background and family life. The ex-New York City mayor, who cofounded the financial information and media company Bloomberg in 1981, was married once before and is currently dating the former New York State superintendent of banks, Diana Taylor. The two were first linked together in 2000, just seven years after Bloomberg called it quits with his first wife, Susan Brown. Although the billionaire and Taylor aren't married, they live together and their relationship appears to be rock solid.

Speaking of strong relationships, Bloomberg has been fortunate enough to maintain a longtime friendship with Brown, with whom he shares two adult daughters, Georgina and Emma. The camaraderie might seem disingenuous to some, but we've compiled firsthand accounts of their mutual respect to share with you after the jump, and we also reveal the reason why they broke up in the first place.

Sometimes opposites don't attract

Shortly after Michael Bloomberg and Susan Brown tied the knot in 1976, their marriage took on a big strain as the billionaire worked to establish himself as a businessman. "As a married man in the 1980's, Mr. Bloomberg would quarrel with his wife, Susan Brown, about his long stretches away from home both building his business and enjoying the after-hours social life it afforded him," a profile in The New York Times reads. "He would go home in the evenings, spend an hour or two with his two daughters and then typically leave for dinner." The couple's eldest daughter, Emma, echoed this sentiment in a quote for the publication. ”They were not getting along because their lives are not compatible,” she plainly stated. ”My mother doesn't want to be social all of the time. She was perfectly happy to curl up with a book and not go out all week.”

After going on like this for years, the two officially called it quits in 1993. It seems like this was the best decision given their opposite personalities, especially when you learn how their kids reacted to the split.

Michael Bloomberg's kids are happy he got divorced

Despite their differences, Michael Bloomberg and Susan Brown managed to stay pals after their divorce. Brown even moved back in with her ex for a year or so after their split, proving their friendship isn't about keeping up appearances. Emma Bloomberg spoke about this sweet friendship with The New York Times, revealing how it influenced her life for the better. ”My parents' divorce was one of the best things that ever happened to me,” she explained. ”It made my relationship with both of my parents stronger. My parents are best friends. Nobody understands that until they actually see it.” The NYT profile also pointed out how Emma wrote about her parents' ability to make it work in her college admission essays. 

When Brown left Bloomberg's home, he reportedly helped her buy an $8.2 million NYC apartment in 2011 to the tune of a $500,000 loan, per the New York Daily News. And in addition to his willingness to help out his ex financially, the businessman continues to spend many holidays with his first wife. 

All's well that ends well, as the saying goes.

Mike Bloomberg's partner respects his ex-wife

Sometimes it can be awkward for a new love interest to integrate themselves into a family unit, all the way from respecting personal boundaries to finding the appropriate rhythm with stepkids. However, this seemingly hasn't been an issue for Mike Bloomberg's longtime partner, Diana Taylor, and his ex-wife, Susan Brown, as all parties appear to be on the same page. Case in point: Taylor respects Brown as a mom first and foremost. The philanthropist confirmed this in a January 2011 interview with Harper's Bazaar, stating when asked about how she feels to be a stepmom, "Friends. They already have a mother." Bloomberg seems to appreciate Taylor's genuineness and who she is as a whole, telling the mag at the time, "She's very smart, very driven, very insightful — and she's capable of doing anything."

As for whether Taylor has kids of her own, she always put her career first. "I never had to run home and help anybody with their homework," she explained to the Observer. "That was a whole very time-consuming aspect I didn't have to worry about." She added, "You have to do what you're comfortable with and what makes you happy and that's not the same for everybody."

We're not sure if these two will ever tie the not, although we have a feeling Brown will happily welcome Taylor into the fold if it does happen.