Orlando Bloom Gushes Over Katy Perry's Pregnancy

It's a majorly exciting time for Katy Perry. Not only did the singer drop a brand-new song, but she revealed some huge personal news in the accompanying music video: Perry is expecting her first child with fiancé Orlando Bloom. She decided to drop the pregnancy bombshell in her "Never Worn White" music video, since as she explained to fans, "I knew I would tell you in the best way, which is through a piece of music because ... I guess that's how I speak to you. That's how we speak together to each other."

In an Instagram Live after dropping the video, Perry also told her KatyCats (via E! News), "I am excited. We're excited and happy and it's probably the longest secret I've ever had to keep." But she's not the only one that's ecstatic about the soon-to-be bundle of joy: Bloom posted on Instagram on Saturday, March 7, celebrating his girlfriend and their child on the way. Along with a photo of Perry and her baby bump in Melbourne, the Carnival Row actor wrote, "My babies blooming ❤️."

Gotta love a good pun. It's not all that surprising, coming from Bloom, who proposed to Perry with an engagement ring shaped like a flower. Hey, he's embracing his last name — and his fatherhood journey — so what more could anyone ask for?

Katy Perry was 'a bit nervous' to share her baby news

Katy Perry may have the confidence of a firework, who lets her colors burst — but that doesn't mean the singer is immune to nervousness, especially when it comes to sharing big news with the whole world. Following her pregnancy reveal, she tweeted on March 6, "love u guys so much. was a bit nervous about sharing something so personal like the song n the bump n I hv never gotten this much love n support, it's overwhelmingly lovely. thank u 🥺♥️ #NeverWornWhite #babycat."

Following that tweet, Perry was proud to display her bump at an Australian event celebrating women's cricket on March 7, per Entertainment Tonight. She shared photos on IG, writing, "Hoping you're coming to celebrate these incredible women on #internationalwomensday with me @mcg! I'll be the one waddling about on stage with a sprained thumb." She also threw in the hashtag #womenneverquit, since it's clear this mama-to-be is ready to power through anything.

When performing the next day at the Women's Cricket World Cup, Perry told the crowd (via People), "I hope it's a girl." The event coincided with International Women's Day, so the singer wore multiple dresses covered with the female Venus symbol.

There's 'a lot of friction' between Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom — but that's a good thing

Katy Perry opened up about her relationship with Orlando Bloom in an interview on On the Air with Ryan Seacrest on March 6. Perry told host Ryan Seacrest (per Fox News), "There's a lot of friction between my partner and I, but that friction breeds something beautiful. It can breed a lot of light, you know?" She explained further that they "get down to the mat and come back every time."

Fans will likely recall that Perry and Bloom had an on-again and off-again relationship for quite awhile, which started when they went public in January 2016, per Insider. They ultimately decided to stick together with Bloom proposing on Valentine's Day 2019. Any ups and downs have only made the pair stronger, since Perry said in the On the Air interview, "I've consciously or unconsciously picked a partner that makes sure to keep me evolving into the best version of myself."

The feeling is mutual, since Bloom told Entertainment Tonight in August 2019, "The cool thing about what we're doing — we're learning to do the small together. We're both fully aware that it's a mountain to climb and that that mountain won't stop, in terms of a relationship, because I think that's what it is, and I love to evolve and fortunately, she does too."

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom's wedding is being postponed

As Katy Perry belts out in her new song "Never Worn White," she wants to "get it right" when she marries Orlando Bloom. She sings, "Now let's dance with each other / Mixing all of our colors / It's so easy to surrender / When you finally find forever." While that's incredibly sweet, the festivities have reportedly been postponed. According to People, the pair planned to get married in Japan this summer, but given the ongoing spread of coronavirus, they're waiting. A source told the magazine, "Katy was actually really excited about walking down the aisle pregnant," although that's no longer likely.

Whenever the wedding does happen, it'll be Perry's second. She married Russell Brand in October 2010 and they announced their split in December 2011. (To clarify, she wore a gray dress, so she really never has worn white when walking down the aisle like the song says.) Similarly, Bloom has been married before. He tied the knot with Miranda Kerr from 2010 to 2013, and they have a son together named Flynn, who's now 9. Kerr even liked Perry's pregnancy-related post on IG, according to People, so there's no bad blood here.

Even if their wedding doesn't happen right away, Perry and Bloom still have a lot to be excited about, specifically their baby-to-be who's "blooming" at this very moment.