Celebs You Didn't Know Were Arrested In 2020

Celebrity arrests in 2020 haven't been quite as dramatic as they were in 2019. We're past the shock of the celebrity-filled College Admissions Scandal. There are no Jussie Smolletts allegedly faking hate crimes. And Harvey Weinstein is on his way to 23 years in prison. Nonetheless, that doesn't mean stars are suddenly all following the law: they're just getting arrested in the ways we're more used to (i.e. DUIs and domestic disputes, rather than anything subject to highly-publicized court cases). For this reason, you might have missed a few key arrests ... but don't worry, the tabloids always have us covered.

All seems fair in love, war, and Hollywood — at least until the cops come in with a warrant. Are handcuffs becoming the latest A-list fashion trend? We're looking at you, Gucci. These celebrities have all been arrested in 2020. Though some have already been let off the hook, others are going to have a lot more trouble maintaining their innocence. 

DaBaby was in DaSlammer

DaBaby (real name Jonathan Kirk) jumped into 2020 with some serious VIBEZ. The "Suge" rapper kicked off the new year with an arrest. According to CNN, DaBaby was arrested on Jan. 2 for "allegedly attacking a music promoter over payment for a performance." He reportedly claimed he was owed $30,000, but the promoter supposedly only gave him $20,000.

Per the report, the brawl erupted at Cafe Iguana, a Florida nightclub. When DaBaby realized he was shorted $10,000, he allegedly complained, then started attacking two promoters with his entourage. One was reportedly punched in the face, and the other was knocked to the ground. DaBaby and his crew reportedly stole $80, a credit card, and an iPhone 7 from the latter promoter, before dumping apple juice on the poor guy. At least it wasn't Ciroc? That seems like it would've stung.

The rapper escaped the scene in a black SUV before police arrived, but he reportedly made the fatal flaw of returning to his hotel room. That's where DaBaby was "arrested and charged with misdemeanor battery," though he claimed he wasn't involved in the so-called incident. According to TMZ, DaBaby already had a warrant out in Dallas for "organized criminal activity" regarding a fight with a food stand employee at the Dallas/Fort Worth Airport. Per NBC 6, after being held without bond, he was released from jail a couple of days later when the warrant was withdrawn.

Stephen Spielberg's daughter (probably) phoned home (from jail)

Steven Spielberg is embarking on a big couple of years with an astounding number of projects in the works. This includes Gremlins 3, Intelligent Life, Real Steel 2, Robopocalypse, The Color Purple, Who Framed Roger Rabbit 2, and so many more that it's amazing he has time to even eat. Amidst his busy schedule, the famed director-producer also had to deal with the late February 2020 arrest of his daughter, Mikaela Spielberg.

According to TMZ, the news of Mikaela's adult entertainment career hit headlines shortly before Spielberg's adopted daughter was arrested in Nashville after an alleged domestic incident with her boyfriend, Chuck Pankow. He reportedly said something "rude" to her, and she started throwing things at him. One of these objects reportedly hit his hand and caused a visible injury — dried blood and a swollen wrist — that officers saw when they arrived. While the couple both admitted they got physical, police determined that Mikaela started it. Her story reportedly kept changing, but her boyfriend's did not, so she was arrested and held on a $1,000 bond. That's one way to make daddy proud.

Maintaining her innocence to The U.S. Sun, Mikaela was later released and revealed she was one-week sober following the arrest. Meanwhile, Pankow chalked the whole ordeal up to "a huge misunderstanding."

Is Dog the Bounty Hunter's next target his daughter?

Dog the Bounty Hunter's daughter, Lyssa Chapman, has been anything but quiet in 2020. The reality star has been busy on social media blasting her dad's alleged new girlfriend (alleged because they're totally not dating). That rage has apparently manifested in an arrest. In the words of Taylor Swift, you need to calm down. 

According to TMZ, Chapman was arrested for alleged harassment and resisting arrest in Hawaii in late January 2020. Per the tabloid's report, police were called to the scene after Chapman and her girlfriend broke out into a fight. There's no word on if this fight got physical or was merely a heated argument, but Chapman reportedly "put her hand up" to stop police from entering the room. That's when a cop allegedly "grabbed her by the arm" and arrested her. Though she was reportedly bailed out almost as quickly as she was locked up, she was officially charged with two misdemeanor counts of harassment for allegedly harassing a woman (her girlfriend) and a man (it's unclear who the man is, but maybe the officer?). She wasn't ultimately charged with resisting arrest.

You'd think that'd be the last we heard from her, but Chapman is not one to go away without a fight. TMZ claims that the star planned to file a "report for police misconduct" against the officers that showed up. Whether she followed through is unclear, as of this writing.

Jules Wainstein is practicing for her role in the Real Housewives of Prison

It's been a while since we saw a Real Housewives of New York arrest. In 2017, Luann de Lesseps got cuffed following a drunken incident, but three years later, it looks like she's passed the torch to a former castmate. According to Page Six, Julianne "Jules" Wainstein was arrested in February 2020 for allegedly punching Michael Wainstein, her estranged husband, in the face. Violence is never the answer, baby girl.

Per the report, the couple erupted into an argument in a parking lot while passing off their kids during their "usual custody exchange." Jules allegedly licked Michael's car window (a decidedly bold move in the midst of Coronavirus) and took a baseball bat to the back of the car (living out her true Carrie Underwood lyrical fantasy). After reportedly messing with Michael's vehicle, the RHONY alum allegedly punched her ex in the face. Their children were apparently in the car at the time, which means they may have seen the entire thing. Hopefully, they weren't in the same car Jules smacked with a baseball bat.

Following the alleged incident, Michael "obtained a protective order" against his ex-wife and the children were released into his custody. The pair's divorce has apparently been quite heated for years, with Michael even spending some time in jail in 2017 after failing to pay $135,000 in child support. Hopefully, the courts can work this one out in whatever way is best for the kids.

Jubilee Sharpe, do you accept this bail bond?

In February 2020, Victoria Fuller was busy dominating The Bachelor headlines with her seemingly never-ending string of controversies, including the salacious rumors claiming she broke up four marriages. The tabloids love a reality star that allegedly loves married men (and breaks girl code to be with them). With all that and the infamous champagne incident, it's not surprising that a separate Bachelor-related headline got totally buried.

According to TMZ, former Bachelor contestant Jubilee Sharpe, who appeared on the 2016 season with Ben Higgins, was arrested for an alleged DUI after crashing her car and refusing a breathalyzer test. The report states that Sharpe's vehicle was the only one involved in her Florida crash (thank the Bachelor Nation nobody else got hurt!), and the former reality TV contestant couldn't even remember how it happened. It should be noted that Page Six claims there was no crash and that the star was simply pulled over, which could explain why she had no recollection of wrecking her car.

When police arrived at the scene, Sharpe reportedly failed "several field sobriety tests," including the "follow-my-finger test," according to TMZ. She ultimately admitted to "having a couple beers" that night, was arrested, and "released just before noon on her own recognizance," per Page Six.

This Walking Dead star walked right into jail

Josh Turner might not be a household name — especially because his biggest role as a tattooed savior in a string of The Walking Dead episodes wasn't even credited. Nonetheless, you've definitely seen him before. He was the security guard in Impractical Jokers: The Movie and co-hosted The Father Daughter Duo YouTube series. He's also the dude from a mugshot slapped across TMZ.

According to the tabloid, in February 2020, Turner was arrested for an out-of-state warrant. He allegedly assaulted someone in Oregon, but was booked in Tennessee, though the Daily Mail reports that there weren't any additional details given about the alleged assault beyond where it occurred. In this case, the actor is lucky to not have the sort of fame where the unsavory details of his life are blasted around online. At the time, he was sitting in jail in the Volunteer State while awaiting "extradition back to Oregon," according to TMZ.

Turner was reportedly an aspiring professional wrestler before finding his way in Hollywood. He attended Ohio Valley Wrestling, a former WWE training training camp, and appeared at wrestling promotions around the nation before landing an uncredited part in Twilight. Like you'd expect, Twilight was a breakout of sorts. It's unclear how the arrest will affect his growing career.

Reese McGuire was rounding the bases alone

For Toronto Blue Jays catcher Reese McGuire, 2020 has been anything but a grand slam. The sports star was arrested in February after he was caught allegedly masturbating in a parked car. Per a report from TMZ Sports, McGuire was reportedly spotted in a parking lot by police with his shirt "barely covering his genitals" and "his sweatpants around his ankles." He apparently had "an erection which was very apparent" when he stepped out of the car, and like you'd expect from someone caught publicly messing around with themselves, he was reportedly absolutely mortified and apologetic. TMZ claims the MLB player said, "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry, this is really embarrassing ... I really shouldn't have been doing that." To make matters even more cringe-worthy, there was allegedly an adult video playing on his phone when police went through it to find his address. Close your tabs! Delete your browsing history!

It's unclear exactly why McGuire reportedly decided to get down and dirty in a parking lot. The former first-round MLB draft pick wasn't even sure himself. According to the tabloid, he allegedly told police, "It just seemed like a good place." Just go home next time!

YG almost spent the Grammys in jail

YG (real name Keenon Jackson) almost didn't get to go loko at the 2020 Grammy Awards. Days before his performance at the awards ceremony, the star was arrested in Los Angeles and charged with robbery.

According to People, police showed up to the star's home at around 4 a.m. on an early Friday morning in late January 2020. He was reportedly given a search warrant "in the furtherance of an ongoing criminal investigation," then taken into custody. TMZ reports that YG's search and arrest warrant had to do with an alleged robbery case, and the star hired attorney Joe Tacopina to defend him, who claimed, "This has become even more outrageous ... Normally, in the American justice system, you get arrested after an investigation is completed. The motives here are pretty clear."

YG's bail was set at $250,000, and clearly, he was bailed out before his big gig or he wouldn't have gotten to sing a touching tribute to Nipsey Hussle alongside John Legend, DJ Khaled, and Meek Mill. This also isn't the first time he's been involved with the wrong side of the law. According to TMZ, the star's Escalade was reportedly involved in a high-speed chase over the summer that resulted in the death of a 65-year-old bike rider, though YG revealed that he was at the recording studio at the time of incident.