Here's How Queen Elizabeth Is Avoiding The Coronavirus

The coronavirus isn't sparing anyone it seems, and with this realization, celebrities are starting to take precautions to stay healthy as the global pandemic continues to spread. Just earlier this week, we learned that Hollywood favorite Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson tested positive for COVID-19, marking one of the first cases to impact a high-profile celebrity,

Although Hanks and his family seem to be taking it easy, they are also taking the necessary precautions to stay as healthy as possible, according to his son's recent update. "They both are fine, they're not even that sick," Chet Hanks said of his parents. "They're not worried about it, they're not trippin' but they're going through the necessary health precautions, obviously."

True to Chet's update, Hanks recently shared on Twitter that he and his wife are in isolation following the diagnosis. The actor wrote, "There are those for whom it could lead to a very serious illness. We are taking it one-day-at-a-time. There are things we can all do to get through this by following the advice of experts and taking care of ourselves and each other, no?"

And Hanks isn't the only celebrity following public health officials' orders of being cautious.

The Queen is taking 'sensible precaution'

Queen Elizabeth is taking necessary precautions to ensure she doesn't contract the virus, which poses a greater risk to those who are over 60 or immunocompromised. While royal sources initially told the Mail on Sunday (via the New York Post) that the 93-year-old monarch would be "keeping calm and carrying on" with her usual engagements, including international trips, that decision quickly changed as cases in the United Kingdom rose. 

The latest numbers reported by BBC show approximately 1,140 confirmed cases in the region, and the number of deaths related to the virus doubled in 24 hours to 21 fatalities. Now, the Queen has suspended scheduled royal engagements for the near future, including planned trips to Cheshire and Camden. "As a sensible precaution and for practical reasons in the current circumstances, changes are being made to The Queen's diary commitments in the coming weeks," Buckingham Palace said in a March 13 statement. 

Last week, the Queen wore gloves during an investiture ceremony, according to CNN, which some think could've been an early precautionary measure against the illness. Buckingham Palace downplayed the decision, saying it was not unusual for her to wear gloves at royal engagements, but she doesn't normally do so while awarding honors.

The Queen isn't the only royal to stay wary. During Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's final engagement on their farewell tour, Harry opted to elbow bump instead of shaking hands, as reported by People.