The Untold Truth Of O.T. Genasis

On March 14, 2020, rapper O.T. Genasis (birth name Odis Oliver Flores) became a new dad after welcoming a baby boy named Ace into the world with Khloé Kardashian's longtime BFF Malika Haqq. Even though the pair split up before Haqq found out she was pregnant, the two have remained close. In fact, in an Instagram post from Feb. 12, 2020, Haqq noted that the rapper was there every step of the way during her pregnancy, writing, "I've been single the last 8months but I am in no way alone. OT and I have attended every doctors apt and over all loved on our son together while anticipating his arrival."

Genasis even made an appearance at Haqq's bear-themed baby shower, which was thrown by Haqq's bestie. "I'm incredibly thankful to Odis Flores for my little boy," Haqq said of her ex-boyfriend at the bash, according to People

People reports that the two were together for about two years before calling it quits in 2019. During their time together, they were on and off, but when times were good they made their love very public — at least on social media. Case in point? On May 27, 2018, Haqq took to Instagram to share a sweet shot of the two with the caption: "I'm cute. He's special. We better together."

O.T. Genasis is a proud father

Initially, there was speculation about the father of Malika Haqq's child as the TV personality had left out that information when she announced she was pregnant in September 2019. However, by October 2019, Haqq's mystery baby daddy was revealed to be O.T. Genasis. Genasis confirmed the news when he shared a snap of himself taken inside a photo booth at Haqq's baby shower, captioning the Instagram post, "My son on da way... Give me a baby name now... GO!!!" 

On March 16, 2020, two days after baby Ace was born, the rapper shared the newborn's first photo. "Ace. I love you 03.14.20," he wrote. While Ace is Haqq's first child, Genasis actually has another son from a previous relationship. Genasis' firstborn son, Genasis Flores, turned 10-years-old on March 23, 2020. The rapper took to Instagram to share a shot of the two together and celebrate his son, writing, "Happy 10th birthday Lil Gen ... I was broke when I had you..Tryna figure life out runnin da streets.Being at my lowest point and having a child with "Autism" but it never tore me down.Now we best friends and our lives changed.I love you son." 

O.T. Genasis loves being a dad

Prior to posting the touching tribute to his son on his birthday, O.T. Genasis had previously discussed fatherhood and the complications and rewards that come with raising a son with autism. During an appearance on The Therapist in December 2019, he said that when his eldest son was "2-years-old, you would call his name, and he would not respond to you." 

"With autism, it's so many different things," O.T. explained. "I just watch him put everything in order. [He doesn't] want anything out of place. If you hit anything, or one of his toys are out of place, he'll go crazy." Despite the hardships, the rapper's firstborn son is the light of his life. "I've always been about him," Genasis said in the interview. "That's probably one of my rare soft spots." The celeb couldn't help but break down in tears while discussing his child on camera.

O.T. Genasis' dark past

While O.T. Genasis is clearly a doting father, he's got a few skeletons hiding in his closet. According to TMZin July 2016, the rapper was detained while going through a security screening at LAX. 

"TSA agent observed a bag go through x-ray screening at lane #7 and observed an outline of what appeared to be a gun," according to a police report from the Los Angeles Airport Police obtained by Radar Online. "TSA agent immediately notified the TSA supervisor. TSA supervisor then notified LAXPD." An officer searched the bag and found a black steel handgun. When asked by police if the gun was registered, Genasis said he "purchased the firearm from a friend of a friend." The rapper was transported to the LAPD Pacific Division Jail and eventually sentenced to two days in the Los Angeles County Jail and three years probation.

Still, Genasis seems to have left most of his bad habits behind to be a good dad. In 2014, he told Rolling Stone that he quit dealing drugs when he became a parent. "I made a promise that I wouldn't have to do s**t like that no more," he said. "At the end of the day, I have a son. He's in preschool and you know, nah. I can't do that."