Strange Things About Jenna Dewan And Steve Kazee

People all over the world were shocked when Jenna Dewan and Channing Tatum announced their split in April 2018. Having fallen in love on the set of the dance movieStep Up, viewers felt as if they knew the couple, who continue to co-parent their daughter, Everly (born in 2013). However, it seems Dewan's first marriage is well and truly behind her these days, as the dancer-actress welcomed a baby boy named Callum with her partner, Tony Award-winner Steve Kazee, in March 2020. 

By all accounts, Kazee and Dewan appear to be extremely loved-up after getting engaged that February. But is everything really as perfect as it seems? In an Instagram post announcing their engagement, Dewan wrote alongside a sweet snapshot of the two, "A lifetime to love and grow with you ... you have my heart." Posting the same photo, Kazee shared, "When you wake in the morning I will kiss your face with a smile no one has ever seen. When you wake in the morning I will kiss your eyes and say it's you I have loved all these years." 

Still, romantic social media posts aside, Kazee and Dewan's love story has been full of surprises, weird coincidences, and relationship overlaps. Join us as we examine some of the stranger things about Jenna Dewan and Steve Kazee's romance.

Steve Kazee made Jenna Dewan take the subway

Relationships are all about having new experiences together, and it can definitely be said that Steve Kazee has introduced Jenna Dewan to some weird and wonderful things — even when it comes to some of the more mundane experiences of New York City life. 

In an interview with Access in August 2019, Dewan revealed, "My mom called me and was like, 'Jenna, you've really never rode the subway?' And I was, like, 'No!' I was convinced that if I was by myself riding the subway, I was going to go the wrong way or get lost. You know, I just wasn't super comfortable." According to the dance star, Kazee changed all that: "But Steve was like, 'No, we're ending that on this trip. You're riding the subway.'"

As a Broadway star, it's safe to say that Kazee is a professional at getting around Big Apple on public transport. Besides, if you're late for a rehearsal, catching the train is one of the only ways you're likely to beat traffic. Dewan went on to dish that Kazee helped her totally overcome her fear of getting lost underground, saying, "Now I have the whole thing down, I know how to get the card [and] everything!" So, keep your eyes peeled the next time you're on the subway!

Was Jenna Dewan upset about Channing Tatum's new relationship?

Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan announced their breakup in the spring of 2018, and by that fall, it was being reported that both stars were dating other people. Around the same time that the world learned of Dewan's developing romance with Steve Kazee, news broke that Tatum had moved on with British singer Jessie J. According to a source cited by People at the time, "It's very new." 

Despite the fact that Dewan had started seeing other people too, the World of Dance star was reportedly surprised to first hear about her ex's new relationship online — just like everyone else. Yikes. In an excerpt from her 2019 book, Gracefully You: Finding Beauty and Balance in the Everyday, Dewan revealed (via E! News), "I was learning things about my ex most people wouldn't have to face — and over the internet, as it was happening." She continued, "There I was, on a plane, alone, finding out about his new relationship. I felt blindsided. Choosing grace as I learned everything about my personal situation along with the rest of the world was really difficult." 

By the time reports surfaced about the new lady in Tatum's life, Dewan had reportedly been dating Kazee "for a couple [of] months," an insider told People. Still, it's never fun to learn things about an ex online.

Jenna Dewan was happily married when she first met Steve Kazee

Even though Jenna Dewan and Steve Kazee didn't start dating until the fall of 2018, the couple actually met years earlier ... while the Step Up star was still married to Channing Tatum. While promoting her book, Gracefully You, in New York City in October 2019, Dewan opened up about her Broadway star beau, saying (via Us Weekly), "He was in a show called Once on Broadway, seven years ago, and I went to see the show, and I was blown away by him and his talent, crying my eyes out." 

Basically, Dewan was impressed by Kazee's talents as a performer before she even started dating him — though, to be fair, she wasn't the only one, considering the role won him a Tony Award for best lead actor in a musical in 2012. Dewan went on to adorably explain, "I took my mom, and we got to meet him. 'Oh, my God, you were amazing!'" Following Dewan's headline-making breakup from Tatum, Kazee messaged her and mentioned their chance meeting all those years ago. Dewan recalled, "Years later, I'm single and everything's different and he reached out to me ... That was a really cool moment." 

Not only can he sing, act, dance, and play guitar — Kazee also sounds like quite the smooth operator.

Jenna Dewan thinks their reunion was written in the stars

Having met Steve Kazee years before she started dating him, Jenna Dewan believes that fate might have had a hand in their relationship. As the dance-actress wrote in her Gracefully You book, "When I was ready, I started dating someone amazing. It was this cosmically great thing where we circled back around each other after a moment of instant recognition years ago."

Even though Dewan had been married to Channing Tatum at the time she met Kazee, his performance in the musical Once stayed with her. Meanwhile, their brief meeting did the same for him: As reported by Us Weekly, Dewan revealed during her book promotional event in New York what Kazee wrote to her after her split made headlines in April 2018: "I never forgot meeting you." Aww! Of their shared history, Dewan added, "Like I say all the time, 'The universe works in very mysterious wonderful ways.'" 

It seems like when the time was right, fate brought Kazee and Dewan back together, if you believe in that sort of thing.

Jenna Dewan got pregnant before her divorce was finalized

While Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan initially announced their split in April 2018, their divorce took a little longer to play out. According to TMZ, a judge declared the couple legally single in November 2019, but their divorce wasn't finalized until February 2020, when Dewan and Tatum agreed to a custody arrangement for their daughter, Everly. As mentioned, Dewan gave birth to son Callum with fiancé Steve Kazee in early March 2020, meaning that she got pregnant while still technically married to Tatum. In fact, it seems as though Dewan's baby news may have spurred her on to finalize the divorce proceedings with her famous ex.

Dewan and Kazee confirmed that they were expecting their first child together to People in September 2019, announcing in a joint statement to the publication, "We are beyond overjoyed and couldn't be happier to be expanding our family!" Despite the fact that she was still hashing out the details of her divorce with Tatum, it's understandable that Dewan would want to be declared officially single before she welcomed her new child with Kazee. As TMZ reported, "As for why they wanted the divorce decree now ... we're told they're both in relationships and it just makes things easier. It also clears the path if they want to remarry."

Around the time she became officially single, a then-pregnant Dewan announced her engagement to Kazee, meaning wedding bells are most definitely on the horizon for these two.

Steve Kazee got Jenna Dewan into wrestling

Every couple has their own unique set of hobbies, and for Steve Kazee and Jenna Dewan, that just so happens to be wrestling. During an interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in April 2019, Dewan revealed to guest host and WWE star John Cena, "Steve, my boyfriend, is a huge wrestling fan. And he got me so into it!" Dewan also explained that she now loves wrestling "so much that [she's watched] WrestleMania by [herself]." 

Basically, Kazee has created a WWE-loving monster. Dewan went on to recall the moment she realized she had fallen in love with the sport: "[Steve] wasn't even in town and I watched WrestleMania. Because I had to know if Becky Lynch was going to beat Ronda Rousey!" She continued with a laugh, "I was by myself, I ordered it ... and I was sitting here texting [Steve] like, 'Do you know what's happening?'" Needless to say, it's pretty adorable that Dewan shares one of Kazee's passions.

Steve Kazee is a Jenna Dewan superfan

We all know that Jenna Dewan was blown away by Steve Kazee's performance in the musical Once all those years ago, and it seems that the Broadway star is just as big a fan of Dewan's work. According to a source cited by Life & Style in February 2020, "He says he found his dream girl in her and he treats her like gold, Evie too. He supports her and is her No. 1 fan. He gets excited for every little thing they do, like decorating the nursery and taking engagement photos. It's really sweet."

But Kazee is under no illusions when it comes to his level of obsession over his fiancée. While sharing a photo of Dewan on Instagram in December 2019, when she was pregnant with their first child, he joked, "Disclaimer: I'm aware this is basically an @jennadewan fan account now." Kazee continued, "I constantly watch with absolute awe as she has carves her path through this world and all the while she does it with a level of grace that we should all aspire to." 

If you've ever wondered what a committed Instagram husband truly looks like, then Kazee is the perfect example. The Tony-winner went on to write, "I want everyone to know about her because she is a gift to this world in so many ways. So thank you for visiting this fan account." We have no doubt that Kazee's next award will be for Cutest Fiancé of All Time.

Jenna Dewan and Steve Kazee are astrologically incompatible

While Jenna Dewan believes that her relationship with Steve Kazee was written in the stars, astrology itself apparently tells a somewhat different story. In February 2020, just before the birth of the couple's first child, Elite Daily reported on Kazee and Dewan's astrological compatibility and made it sound like a cause for concern. 

"Dewan was born on Dec. 3, which makes her a free-spirited Sagittarius," the publication noted. "Kazee's birthday falls on Oct. 30, making him a secretive Scorpio. These two signs might initially hit it off, but it usually isn't long before Scorpios and Sags start butting heads." Uh oh.

While their stars supposedly aren't technically aligned, Dewan has spoken at length about the couple's compatibility in real life. She told Entertainment Tonight in December 2019 that she has an "unspoken chemistry" with Kazee, adding, "You just know if you have it ... It's the sparks that fly and it just works really well." So, even if a Scorpio and a Sagittarius aren't be a perfect match, it definitely sounds like Dewan and Kazee are pretty happy together, as the Flirty Dancing star added, "I am in a really great place and totally in love."

Jenna Dewan and Steve Kazee's closet space issues

Jenna Dewan and Steve Kazee's relationship may sound picture perfect in many ways, but there's apparently one thing that can cause tension between the couple — and that's their closet space. While sharing a photo of a very organized walk-in wardrobe on Instagram in February 2020, Dewan joked, "I think it's safe to say that @lifeinjeneral came in, saved my life and transformed my closet! I've never been a very organized person so this is a DREAM. And now @stevekazee won't kill me." 

Clearly, these two have a lot in common, but it would seem that Kazee is a lot tidier than Dewan, which is seriously relatable. The fact that Dewan got some outside assistance to fix her disorganized closet shows just how much she values her relationship with Kazee. After all, who doesn't have to make a few compromises when they enter into a new relationship? If arguing over closet space is the only real issue these two have, then we think Kazee and Dewan are going to be just fine.