Pink Is Almost Unrecognizable In Isolation

One of the best parts about social media during the coronavirus is that fans are getting a more honest glimpse of people — and that goes for both friends and celebrities. With nowhere to go, who cares about contouring and dry shampoo? And has anyone worn makeup in weeks? 

In the spirit of getting honest and comfy at home, some celebs are serving up some natural looks, which we happen to love. Filmmaker Taika Waititi gave us a sneak peek of his new hairstyle, and actor Hilary Duff dyed her hair completely blue. Then there's music star Kelly Clarkson, who serenaded fans with a Kenny Rogers song while showing off her all-natural beauty. Does it get any better than that?

One of our favorites is our girl, Pink, who hopped on Instagram in April 2020 to share a selfie taken alongside her husband, motocross star Carey Hart. Although it's pretty clear the adorable couple is feeling a bit stir-crazy, their selfie is hilarious, and we wish we were right there with them.

Pink and her husband share a hilarious selfie

Pink and her husband, Carey Hart, shared the cutest quarantine selfie with fans, captioning the pic, "We decided to get dressed up 'black tie' tonight to stay home. Way to take it literally @hartluck." Fans and followers poked fun at them, with someone quipping, "Black tie only right??!"

We can't say for certain, but it looks like Pink has let her natural hair color shine through and it appears she's wearing less makeup. Of course, the mom-of-two looks gorgeous in any form!

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In addition to switching up her look, the Grammy winner jumped on Instagram to give fans a "concert" from home for those who are self-isolating amid the coronavirus pandemic. Pink captioned the March 2020 video, "Free concert slash piano lessons from my heart to yours. To make you feel my love." It was heartwarming and beautiful when she sang Bob Dylan's classic song, "Make You Feel My Love."

For anyone who's feeling cooped up, Pink is a terrific person to follow because she's sharing a lot and keeping things real. 

Pink and her son's battle with coronavirus

While she's remaining upbeat, it's been a tough time for Pink and her family. In early April 2020, the singer jumped on Instagram and shared that both she and her son, Jameson, tested positive for the coronavirus, according to CNN.

Pink said of the experience on Instagram, "We have been really, really sick. My 3-year-old, Jameson, has had the worst of it. I've had many nights where I've cried and I've never prayed more in my life." She added, "At one point I heard myself saying, 'I thought they promised us our kids would be OK.' And it's not guaranteed. There's no one that is safe from this."

Pink also described how sick her son has been: "Jameson's been really, really sick. I've kept a journal of his symptoms for the past three weeks, and mine as well. He still, three weeks later, has a 100 degree temperature. It's been a roller coaster. It's been a different roller coaster for both of us."

So far, Pink's husband, Carey Hart, and their oldest daughter, Willow, have tested negative for the coronavirus, fortunately, according to CNN. But Pink actually donated $1 million to healthcare workers, noting that her own mom was an emergency room nurse.

Pink jumps on the bread-making bandwagon

If you've scrolled through Instagram or Twitter, chances are you've noticed that people have taken up new hobbies in quarantine — and that includes celebrities, too. Whether learning to knit, reading a ton of books, or baking banana bread, there's no better time to learn a new skill. Pink jumped on a very specific internet bandwagon: the sourdough bread-making crew.

The usually fearless singer admitted she had some "Sourdough starter first loaf jitters" on Instagram, adding, "this s**t is real." But of course, our girl Pink conquered any nerves. Not only that, be she totally nailed her loaf. Just check out this doughy goodness!


She also used some of the dough to make biscuits that look almost too good to be true. She captioned the envy-inducing snapshot, "K I finally figured out my sourdough starter discard with some biscuits. Dayummmm these are good. I'm gonna look like a biscuit soon. I'm like the fluffy G.I.Jane."

Long story short, Pink is making the most of her time indoors. If she wanted, she could probably have a future full-time career as a bread maker... but then again, fans would miss her music way too much.