The Stunning Transformation Of Christina Milian

Prepare to suddenly question everything you thought you knew about the passing of time, because Christina Milian's first song dropped 20 years ago. Yep, somehow it's been two whole decades since she crooned the vocals on Ja Rule's "Between Me and You." The 2000 track was just a taste of Milian's talents. She dropped her self-titled album a year later, featuring the instantly catchy "AM to PM." Fans will likely also remember Milian sang the theme song for Disney Channel's Kim Possible.

While the "Call Me, Beep Me!" lyrics have the squeaky-clean vibe associated with Disney ("I'm your basic average girl / and I'm here to save the world"), that doesn't mean Milian's career always skewed toward a younger demo. For instance, when she released "Dip It Low" with undeniably sensual lyrics in 2004 — and rolled around in black paint in the accompanying music video — she made clear she was all grown-up. She joked at the time (via MTV News), "I have a feeling I'll have people going to Home Depot really soon to get it really nice and steamy in the relationship."

The 38-year-old is best known for making music, but she's also branched out — landing roles in movies ranging from Netflix's Falling Inn Love to the Love Don't Cost A Thing remake. Milian is also a proud mom, often posting about her two kids on Instagram. Let's take a trip down memory lane to see just how much Milian and her career have blossomed, shall we?

Christina Milian's music has evolved over the years, just like her style

Everything about the look above screams early 2000s — from the thigh-high boots to the shiny pants to the cropped jacket to the long, dangly necklace. Oh, and the side bangs too. Of course, that's not to knock Christina Milian. The outfit is very much of its time and she was totally on trend on the red carpet.

Not only has her sense of style evolved over the years, but her music has reflected that growth as well. When Milian's aforementioned sexy single "Dip It Low" came out in 2004, the singer admitted (via MTV News), "My first single off my last album, 'AM to PM,' was more of a kiddie kind of thing, very pop. This new single is more R&B, kind of a club/party kind of vibe. And I'm excited about it 'cause it's a new me." 

In that same interview, she added, "I'm 22 now and there's been some maturity, and it's nice for people to see this change." And just like the rest of us, she's continued to grow — nay, mature — with the passage of time.

The singer's life has expanded to include another important role

Yes, Christina Milian is a singer, and yes, she's an actress. But based on past interviews she's given, there's another role that Milian may cherish most: being a mom. She told Forbes in 2016, "I love being a mom all the while working as hard as I do. Being a mother is my inspiration and I feel like I'm setting a great example to my daughter by showing her that hard work pays off and to never give up."

With her two decades-long (and counting) career in the entertainment industry, Milian is doing exactly that. Among the highlights, she's earned two Grammy nominations and landed multiple tracks on Billboard's Hot 100 list. And as seen in the photo above, she's usually got a smile on her face while doing it all.

For those who don't know, Milian gave birth to her daughter Violet Madison Nash in 2010 with then-husband, The-Dream, per PopSugar. After that, she was romantically linked to Lil Wayne and NFL player Brandon Wilds. However, everything seemed to change in 2017 when she began dating her now-partner, Matt Pokora. In July 2019, the happy couple announced they had a baby on the way, ultimately welcoming their son, Isaiah Pokora, in January 2020.

Christina Milian can rock everything from comfy clothes to red-carpet glam

Fast forward to 2020 and you can catch Christina Milian on TikTok, just like plenty of other celebs, filming videos with her family to pass the time. Sometimes she'll dress down in comfy clothes as she dances to songs like "Funkytown" or Megan Thee Stallion's "Savage," but Milian is also known to snazz things up for big events, as seen in the snapshot above.

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To be clear, Milian has always been stunning. She's just matured from a spunky, smiley teen with very early-'00s style into a sophisticated woman, who knows how to nail a red carpet with a sleek dress and slicked-back pony. Still, when it comes to her facial appearance and overall glow, Milian looks just as young as ever nowadays.

The fact that she's living her best life probably also helps with that. As Milian said in her 2016 interview with Forbes, "Love what you do. If you don't honestly how can you truly evolve, how can you be happy?"