How Hannah Really Felt About Jed's Proposal On The Bachelorette

When Hannah Brown signed on to be The Bachelorette for the reality show's 15th season, she surely knew that she was about to embark on an unpredictable adventure, but likely had no idea what kind of romantic roller coaster she was about to endure. Along with engaging in an on-again-off-again relationship with contestant Tyler Cameron that continued even after the cameras stopped rolling, Hannah accepted a proposal from Jed Wyatt before breaking it off after finding out that there was another woman in his life. In fact, she learned from her fiancé himself that he had only appeared on the show to help his music career. Talk about going on the show for the wrong reason!

Following the season finale and her very public break-up, Hannah admitted that she was struggling, even saying that she understands how Meghan Markle feels living in the spotlight. On the one year anniversary of her doomed engagement, Hannah revealed how she really felt when Jed popped the question.

Hannah admits she had serious 'screaming' doubts when Jed proposed

When the love of your life asks you to marry them, it should be a moment that you remember forever. Hannah Brown certainly remembers the day that Jed Wyatt proposed, but she doesn't exactly look back at it fondly. In fact, Hannah took to Instagram on May 11, 2020, to post a photo of herself from the day that she got engaged and added a very honest caption that revealed how she now feels about that moment and how she felt when she faced Jed's proposal.

"Ever look back on a memory and it feels like just yesterday... but also like a different life? Me too," she wrote. After pointing out that she doesn't like to "[stay] there too long" when thinking about what happened, she admitted that she still "remember[s] it really well." She explained, "I remember thinking, 'Oh, this has all the makings to be the best day of my life...but gah, it doesn't feel like I thought it would.' I didn't have words (or maybe I just didn't have the courage to say them?) but the pit in my stomach was screaming, 'this ain't it'..."

Hannah also noted that she "could fake a smile but [she] couldn't shake the doubt," and now, looking back, she admits that she knows why she felt that way. That clear perspective is perhaps why she has some advice for others who might want to trust their gut.

Hannah has advice for anyone 'navigating a situation that feels so painful'

Hannah Brown experienced one of the most brutal betrayals and resulting break-ups in Bachelor franchise history, however, in her reflective May 2020 Instagram post, she admitted, "That ending was not easy, but it was necessary to get me here.⁣"

Continuing by referring to her former self, Hannah wrote, "If I could go back and tell her something, I would whisper, 'It's going to be ok. You're right, this ain't it, but it's the direction. So open up your hands, and let go of the control. Trust this process, it's going to be worth it.'" She then added a little self-love, writing, "Also, nice butt!"

Hannah then shared a similarly hopeful and potentially helpful sentiment to anyone else who might be facing a tough time. "If you are reading this right now, wondering how to navigate a situation that feels so painful and so not what you wanted, maybe you'll let me tell you what I would've told myself: Hold on. Keep moving. You're going to make it. This ain't it but what's coming is so much better.⁣"

The former Bachelorette ended her message with: "Sometimes you've gotta walk through the shadows to stand in the sun. And trust me, you'll really appreciate the way it feels shining down on you, too."