Iggy Azalea Announces The Birth Of Her Baby Boy

"Fancy" singer Iggy Azalea (born Amethyst Amelia Kelly) surprised fans when on June 10, 2020, she announced via her Instagram Stories that she had secretly welcomed a child. "I have a son," she wrote (via People). "I kept waiting for the right time to say something, but it feels like the more time passes, the more I realize I'm always going to feel anxious to share news that giant with the world."

Azalea didn't provide any further details about her baby or the child's father, although it's widely assumed the dad is rapper Playboi Carti (real name Jordan Carter). The Australia native and Carti have been dating since 2018, and moved in together three months into their relationship, according to Fader. "Once I started talking to her, I just cut off everybody. It was over with," Carti gushed about his girlfriend, who relocated from Los Angeles to Atlanta for the relationship. "I support everything she does."

As for whether Azalea will release info about her son in the future, we wouldn't bet on it. That's because, as the musician explained in her Instagram Stories, she wants to "keep his life private." Noting how her baby is "not a secret" despite the request for privacy, Azalea added, "I love him beyond words."

Now that we've filled you in on this exciting baby news, let's take a look at Azalea and Carti's lives leading up to the announcement.

Iggy Azalea apologized for sparking breakup rumors with Playboi Carti

As we mentioned above, Iggy Azalea didn't release any details surrounding her child's arrival, including his date of birth. So although it isn't clear when he made his debut into the world, it's obvious Azalea and Playboi Carti had a rough patch in December 2019. It all started when the star announced via her Instagram Stories that she was "single," per Complex.

Azalea ended up deleting the declaration and clarified the situation shortly after. "I need to make an apology. It's not my character to put out whatever business I go through in my private life on the internet for the world to comment on," the rapper penned, according to the outlet. "I felt very upset and I made an impulse choice I immediately regretted, but it was too late to undo. The truth is I love [Playboi Carti] very much—more than you could ever know. That's all the world should ever need to hear [I am] sorry for making something public that should have been between him & I no matter what."

Carti didn't comment on the drama, and the two were spotted together at an Australian airport in January 2020. Hmm.

When did Iggy Azalea give birth?

In early December 2019, around the time Iggy Azalea sparked breakup rumors, gossip blog Hollywood Unlocked reported that the rapper was supposedly six months pregnant. Seemingly in response to the rumors, Azalea shared a racy bikini photo to Instagram 10 days after the report was published. "WISH U WERE HERE," she captioned the sizzling pic. 

What's especially interesting about all of this? In May 2020, TMZ reported that Azalea and Playboi Carti had welcomed a baby boy, and had purchased a $400,000 Rolls-Royce Cullinan as a family car. However, the outlet didn't specify if Azalea gave birth in May or earlier in the year. If Hollywood Unlocked's report was accurate, then it's more likely the singer had her baby in March 2020.

Of course, Azalea has every right to keep this information private. All that matters is her health and the well-being of her sweet baby. 

Iggy Azalea got her heart broken before becoming a mom

Having given birth to a baby boy she loves "beyond words," it's probably safe to say Iggy Azalea is on top of the world right about now. But that wasn't always the case, especially following her split from NBA star Nick Young in 2016. Despite the pair's engagement in 2015, Young had been allegedly cheating with multiple women, including his high school sweetheart, Keonna Green. Young's ex had given birth to their first child, Nick Young Jr., in 2012, as Us Weekly noted.

At the time of their breakup, the "Black Widow" rapper learned that Green was pregnant with Young's second child. "I have never even been told by Nick that his baby mother is pregnant," Azalea tweeted (via E! News). "This is just like a second shot to the chest. And I feel like I don't even know who the hell it is I've been loving all this time." 

Green gave birth to a daughter named Navi in 2016, which hadn't been easy for Azalea to digest at first. "I needed a lot of time," Azalea told People about the tough breakup. "I mean, you wake up one morning and your fiancé is having a baby with someone else, you're going to need some time, right?"

Green and Young announced their third pregnancy in March 2019, and they're engaged as of this writing. Obviously, Azalea has also moved on with her new family. All's well that ends well!