What Happened To Shawn Booth After The Bachelorette?

Kaitlyn Bristowe and Shawn Booth got engaged on The Bachelorette in 2015It seemed like they beat the odds to find a lasting relationship in The Bachelor franchise. However, they announced their split in November 2018. It was one of the most devastating breakups in Bachelor history, but Kaitlyn soon got into a relationship with Jason Tartick, who appeared on Becca Kufrin's Bachelorette season in 2018.

Kaitlyn and Jason are still going strong and even made a joint appearance on The Bachelor Presents: Listen To Your Heart in May 2020. While "Jaitlyn" has embraced being a Bachelor couple, Shawn has been decidedly more low-key. Interestingly enough, all three of them live in Nashville. Actually, Jason and Kaitlyn live in the home she shared with Shawn, which they discussed during a June 2019 Entertainment Tonight interview.

Kaitlyn explained, "It always felt like mine, to the point where even when the breakup happened, [Shawn] was like, 'Obviously this is your house. Like, you did this.' So it just feels like something that — it doesn't have bad energy or bad juju in there." She said they intended to sell the home during that interview, but that hasn't happened.

However, Shawn has found a new home, which he mentioned on a March 2020 appearance on The Ben & Ashley I Almost Famous PodcastHe revealed, "I bought a house a few months ago and now that I finally have the time when I'm forced to stay home, [I'm] just fixing up things."

Shawn Booth was 'hurt' seeing Kaitlyn Bristowe move on 'so quick'

In January 2019, Shawn Booth did his first interview after the split on fellow Bachelor alums Ben Higgins and Ashley Iaconetti's Almost Famous Podcast. As Cosmopolitan reported, he said, "I think just with her moving on so quick, I just have a tough time understanding why she would be putting this out everywhere or blasting it all over the place knowing that it could hurt." And by "this," he was referring to Kaitlyn Bristowe's relationship with Jason Tartick.

At the time, it seemed like they'd been dating for weeks, but Shawn claimed they got together earlier than it appeared. He reflected, "Not only were we engaged, but it's like, man, I lost my best friend, too." But Kaitlyn's new relationship seemingly brought some closure, since Shawn said, "I also think that it's helping me to move on because it does hurt that much seeing everything, it does upset me and it does make me a little angry, but it also helps me to move on knowing that maybe we weren't right for each other and that I will find somebody down the road that will also make me happy."

In January 2020, Shawn told Life & Style that his engagement is "so far in the past." And while he will always be associated with Kaitlyn, he claimed, "I don't think about it much." He said, "Now I'm just focused on making myself happy and continue to grow my business."

Shawn Booth hasn't 'had too much time for dating'

Since Shawn Booth is famous for dating on reality TV, it's natural that there is an interest in his love life following his public split from Kaitlyn Bristowe. In January 2020, he told Life & Style, "I haven't had too much time for dating." However, that doesn't mean he hasn't tried, sharing, "I have been on a few dates this past year but nothing too serious. Again, just so busy with my career." 

The Bachelorette alum elaborated, "I feel like it's a little tough to date but there's always some friends of mine and other people that try hooking me up with their friends or people that they know." He added, "I haven't tried any of the dating apps — probably won't do that — so it's kind of just friends trying to hook me up."

While The Bachelor shows are all about taking the fast track to a serious relationship, Shawn hasn't adopted that philosophy in his post-reality TV dating life. He told the magazine, he's "not rushing into anything right now," explaining, "I just know what I don't want, and I think I'll know once I find myself in that situation... But I'm definitely not rushing into anything."

When it comes to his future significant other, Shawn shared, "I am looking for someone who is confident, someone who is driven and most importantly, someone who is supportive — that's definitely the biggest one for me."

Shawn Booth runs his own gym in Nashville

Shawn Booth shared, "Right now I'm just focused on BOOTHCAMP Gym here in Nashville and growing this," during a January 2020 Life & Style interview. Specifically, he said, "I'm doing seven classes a day — all different types of experience levels. And, we work with everything from kettlebells to med balls to dumbbells, boxing and we like switching up the workouts." 

Shawn told the magazine, "I just think fitness is just a very rewarding career knowing that you're doing something that is truly helping somebody and it goes beyond fitness." He went on to explain, "It helps people with their confidence and just feeling good about themselves which helps them tackle other things in life. So, it's good knowing that every day you're waking up and having a positive impact on people." While the gym had been thriving, it did temporarily close down amid the coronavirus pandemic. 

In March 2020, Shawn talked about adapting with Ben Higgins and Ashley Iaconetti on the Almost Famous Podcast. He told them, "The gym is shut down, unfortunately, but we are still keeping everything going with online classes. So, we've been filming that the last couple days, just trying to give our members as much as we can. But, at the end of the day, there [are] much more important things here and it's fine. We're going to find a way to make it work." The cleverly named BOOTHCAMP gym reopened on May 25, 2020.

Kaitlyn Bristowe reached out after Shawn Booth's dog died

In May 2019, Kaitlyn Bristowe told Us Weekly, "If I ran into [Shawn Booth] on the street I would say, 'Hey, how's it going?' It's not like there's any hate there, but... we don't talk or anything." Keep in mind, it is a very realistic possibility that they could run into each other since they both live in Nashville.

However, she did extend her condolences via social media when Shawn's beloved dog Tucker passed away in April 2020. People reported that Kaitlyn commented, "I'm so sorry. This one hurts. You gave him a great life." On April 16, Shawn told his Instagram followers, "I poured every ounce of my heart into [Tucker] and he gave me his entire heart right back. I've never loved anything more and he was the best boy I could ever ask for."

Just a month prior, Shawn described self-isolation as "the best thing," because "it's like a huge win for all the dogs around the world" during the Ben & Ashley I Almost Famous Podcast. He shared, "I'm spending as much time as I can with him now" and said Tucker was "enjoying the quarantine." Shawn even remarked, "All I really need right now is Tuck."

Shawn has been through a lot of ups and downs since he "won" The Bachelorette in 2015. Although he's more private than most reality alums, he has capitalized on his Bachelor-related following to build a solid life.