Where Does Lin-Manuel Miranda Live And How Big Is His House?

Along with being the creator and former star of the Broadway smash-hit Hamilton, Tony Award-winner Lin-Manuel Miranda is also the man behind the musical In the Heights, a story that's centered in New York City, which is where he was born and raised. It's also a place that's obviously incredibly special to Miranda.

The performer "was on summer break from college when he learned something about how New York was put together," a 2018 profile in The New York Times explained while also deeming him "the next lion of New York." Apparently, the man who was destined to become a star "was working for a bilingual newspaper started by his father, covering an event called 'Salsa, Blues, and Shamrocks,'" which was an event hosted by "an Irish bar and restaurant in the Dominican neighborhood of Washington Heights" that "featured klezmer and merengue music as well."

This "vision of New York's disparate cultures not battling one another but jamming side by side" inspired him. He noted that those who "embraced every wave of immigration that's come" were those who survived. While the NYT points out that "[w]ithin a few decades, this vision would inform the work that thrust him on the world," it also might be what's kept him close to home in New York City.

The 'In the Heights' star didn't grow up in the Heights

Lin-Manuel Miranda may have found fame, in part, because of his musical, In the Heights, which is based in New York City's Washington Heights, however, it turns out that he actually spent his younger years in a different NYC neighborhood. The star and his father, Luis, co-purchased an Inwood apartment "back in 2008," and "[f]or decades, he and his parents ... made their home in this vibrant enclave on the northernmost tip of Manhattan," according to Street Easy.

The three-bedroom, two-bathroom "duplex penthouse" spans 1,125 square feet, and per Today, "features a foyer, sunken living room, two bedrooms, and a bathroom on the first floor," while a third, larger bedroom is upstairs, and "a cozy, windowed kitchen" is on the lower level. And just try not to be impressed by the "wrap-around terrace with stunning views of the city" where residents can get a look at the Empire State Building, Chrysler Building, and the Manhattan skyline. As if that wasn't enough, the co-op building also boasts "private gardens, free high-speed internet access, concierge services, live-in supers, and a laundry room."

Although this sounds like a place that would be hard to let go of, in 2018, the family put the residence up for sale for $949,000. However, Miranda's knack for finding amazing places to live in NYC might have made moving easier. Just take a look at his other Inwood home!

Lin-Manuel Miranda's 'first apartment out of college' was also in Inwood

"My first apartment out of college was at 5000 Broadway, right there. Named my production company after it," Lin-Manuel Miranda tweeted back in 2018. The star was referring to the place where he made his home "[a]fter graduating from Wesleyan University in Connecticut," Street Easy notes.

The performer lived with roommates in the apartment that was located "in a six-story prewar co-op building." That's right, this Inwood apartment was a co-op, too. If you're unaware, "[u]nlike a condo, co-ops are owned by a corporation," Huff Post explains. 

"This means, when you buy an apartment that is in a co-op building, you are not actually buying real property (like you would in a condo). You are in fact, buying shares of the corporation." Apparently, the ownership is like being "an investor" in the building," and often, "the larger the apartment, the more shares you will have."

These days, Miranda is living in a third co-op where he likely owns a fair share of the royal sounding residence.

Lin-Manuel Miranda now lives in a high-rise 'Castle'

Nowadays, Lin-Manuel Miranda is a very wealthy man, who is also a husband and father of two children. That's surely why he decided that it was time to put money into the kind of home that suits his role as a family man and an entertainment industry star.

In 2017, Miranda and his wife, Vanessa Nadal, bought not one, but two units at 141 Cabrini Boulevard in a co-op complex called Castle Village. From the looks of the exterior, the building does have a somewhat castle-esque look in a rather sleek and understated kind of way.

The complex's website notes that it was "[d]esigned by architect, George Fred Pelham Jr." and earned "an award for excellence from the American Institute of Architects." Perhaps part of the award-winning allure is the fact that "the magnificent five-building enclave" sits "amidst 7 1/2 acres of lush garden greenery — atop Manhattan's highest point..." Beyond that, the buildings are "just minutes from the George Washington Bridge, beautiful Fort Tryon Park, and The Cloisters."

While the specifics about the family's units seem to be private, Street Easy tells readers that the residence in the "mid-century, high-rise apartment complex ... is sure to have stunning Hudson River views, similar to his childhood home" and is likely something for this musical man to sing about.