The Story Behind Susan Boyle's Love Life

Susan Boyle touched the hearts of millions with her powerful and moving rendition of "I Dreamed A Dream" on Britain's Got Talent back in 2009. The budding star was 47 at the time of her audition, and her performance wowed the judges, who were initially skeptical — that is, until Boyle opened her mouth to sing.

While the Scottish singer didn't go on to win the competition — she was beaten out by a street dance troupe — Boyle has enjoyed an impressive career in the years since she got her big break. In fact, as of this writing, she's released seven studio albums, per Classic FM. Her debut album, fittingly titled I Dreamed a Dream, debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200. These days, according to Celebrity Net Worth, Boyle's a multi-millionaire who is worth $40 million.

Still, Boyle's popularity has left fans wondering: Has the former reality star been as lucky in love as she has been in her career? Is the singer married with a hush-hush husband? Does she have a low-key love? Take a peek into Susan Boyle's romantic life below.

Was Susan Boyle kidnapped on a date?

In 2014, Susan Boyle went on a brief date with a man she had spontaneously met, but it ended with her team assuming she had been taken. She revealed the wild story to OK! (via The Daily Mail) in February 2020.

"I had a date in America six years ago, which lasted exactly 45 minutes," Susan told the publication. "I went for a massage in the spa of a hotel and met a doctor and then we went out for lunch. I didn't tell anyone and my team thought I'd been kidnapped. They were really panicking because I had a show that night."

While the story would have made for the perfect meet-cute, ultimately, they weren't compatible. Boyle felt there was too much upkeep to maintain the relationship."The guy was nice, but he wasn't for me," she explained. "I couldn't be dealing with keeping up with the correspondence."

Susan Boyle's had prospects along the way, but none have stuck — and that's perfectly fine with her

Since her meteoric rise to fame in 2009, Susan Boyle has amassed her fair share of admirers. "I've been proposed to in Japan, met inspirational people along the way, and gone on a date with a doctor I met in Florida," she dished to People in 2019, more than likely referring to the man she met at the spa.

She also gets fan mail from potential suitors. "If I get fan letters from men, I'm flattered that they like me," Boyle told The Lady magazine (via The Scottish Sun). Boyle may have men lined up who are interested in her, but that doesn't mean she's going to settle down with any of them anytime soon. "At the moment, [I'm] single. But it's not an advert," she joked to The Sun in 2019. "I am happy, I've got people with me all the time. I've got a cat, I'm never lonely."

Plus, she just straight-up isn't on the hunt for a husband. " ... [I]f I had a man friend it would be purely platonic — I've been on my own too long now to get married," she revealed to The Lady magazine (via The Scottish Sun). 

Susan Boyle wants to foster children

It doesn't matter if Susan Boyle has a partner — she wants to start a family of her own. Specifically, she wants to foster kids, she said on an episode of The Dan Wootton Interview podcast in 2019 (via The Sun). "When things quieten down a bit I would like to get into fostering," she said, noting that her "biggest regret" is not having children.

”I'm 58 so I've got something to bring my family home to," Boyle continued. "I've a lovely house, why not share it?" As a matter of fact, the singer lives in her late mom's house, which she renovated. Boyle, whose mother passed away in 2007, believes that staying in the home brings her closer to her familial roots.

"I've spent most of my life in this house and I won't move now, because I feel it's part of my history," she revealed to The Sunday Post in 2019. And how nice would it be to continue on the tradition of raising her own children there?