Raiven Adams Reveals The Truth About Bear Brown Visiting His Son

The Discovery Channel's Alaskan Bush People can be an exciting show, and not just for the occasional run-in with a wild animal. In fact, some of the relationships depicted on camera are often even more captivating and tumultuous.

One recent example of this is the relationship between Bear Brown, son to Billy and Ami Brown, and Raiven Adams. Bear and Raiven met in 2018 at Bear's brother's wedding. Raiven's mother was hired as the photographer, according to The Sun, and Raiven came to help her out.

In August 2019, they went public about their relationship and announced their engagement, according to the outlet. A mere two weeks later, they announced their separation, and Raiven gave birth to their only child, a son named River, on March 9, 2020. Raiven had obtained a restraining order against Bear previously for "erratic" and "abusive" behavior, per The Sun, but she dropped it right before River was born.

If we hoped the conflict and drama would die down after the birth of their son, we were wishing in vain. Since the birth of River, there's been an ongoing struggle between the two parents to come to a place of agreement. Bear got a paternity test in order to establish himself as the father, per In Touch, but he still hasn't seen his son. So what's going on?

Bear Brown says he can't wait to hold his boy, River

Things have been difficult between Bear Brown and his ex-fiance, Raiven Adams. According to The Blast, Bear wasn't even told about the big news on the day of the birth of his son, River. To be fair, his son was born prematurely, so the delivery was earlier than everyone had planned. But Bear still hasn't even met his son.

Recently, Bear surprised Raiven by jumping on Instagram Live on August 1, 2020 to announce that he was going to see his boy for the first time.

"I've got some news. It looks like I am finally going to be able to visit River soon. I should get to hold him, maybe rock him to sleep. There have been a lot of complications stopping me but I think I finally have it all worked out," Bear told his Instagram followers, via The Sun. Bear added: "I'm going to be able to actually hold my son. It's going to be really awesome. I can't wait until I can actually rock him to sleep."

But this fatherly announcement was apparently news to Raiven and she unleashed a bunch of info about Bear, revealing he might not be what he seems.

Raiven Adams says Bear Brown has always been allowed to visit his son

After Bear Brown jumped on Instagram Live announcing he was going to meet his son, his ex, Raiven Adams also used Instagram to share her surprise at this news. According to The Hollywood Gossip, Bear allegedly wants to share custody but Raiven is hoping for full custody. However, Raiven used Instagram to drop some interesting information about their current struggle to co-parent.

She said about Bear: "He has always been allowed to visit, but he never has," via The Sun. "I'm tired of me and my son being used for publicity. I have not been informed that Bear is coming to see River," Raiven told her followers. "I would have been informed because he is in my care. I'm not sure why he is posting that. He has always been welcome to – I recently asked him if he wanted to have a clean slate and work on co-parenting and he doesn't want to."

She went on, "He wants to use it for publicity and attention, if he wants publicity and attention I'll give him just that." She added, "He's always been welcome to see him and he's never come. He's only doing it to get more ratings because the show is about to come on."