The Real Meaning Of Tim McGraw's Good Taste In Women

It has been five years since Tim McGraw released his last album Damn Country Music, but with the August 7, 2020 release of his latest single, "Good Taste in Women," it seems like no time has passed at all. Considering the time of the track's release in the midst of the novel coronavirus pandemic, it serves as a bit of a respite, an ode to simple things from a simpler time — or, given the context of its release, an ode to simple things during a time rife with complication and strife. 

"Good Taste in Women" is anthemic when it comes to a celebration of the less-than-finer things in life — McGraw's narrator alter-ego croons on about his fondness for "cheap beer," "real bad jokes," "quick stop smokes," and other fares mostly ascribed to the country set. He sings that he doesn't have high-class taste, except when it comes to women. So what's the meaning behind "Good Taste in Women," and which women is he talking about exactly? Let's find out. 

Tim McGraw may or may not have been inspired by Faith Hill

Since Tim McGraw has been married to country singer Faith Hill since 1996, his new single "Good Taste in Women" could be an ode to his wife, with McGraw letting listeners know that she, per the lyrics to his track, makes others think he's "high-class living" with "good taste in women." Their love has definitely inspired McGraw's music before.

On the other hand, with lines like "how did a boy from nowhere, catch them ocean view eyes, so blue?" and "lookin' at you just lookin' at me," the song may be an ode to women in general. Faith Hill has hazel eyes, rather than blue eyes like the woman in the song, so that doesn't quite match up. A press release noted that McGraw's new album "offers a collection of songs McGraw brought together to create vignettes of shared human emotions such as love, relationships, introspection, and fun," so this single could be a more general take on pleasure and attraction, rather than a personal song about McGraw's own wife.

Either way, the meaning is clear: Even though McGraw tells listeners that it's "hard not to brag," the lyrics of "Good Taste in Women" ring true as a sincere appreciation of beauty, womanhood, and the low-brow joys of life.

Tim McGraw will take fans behind the scenes of the album

If "Good Taste in Women" is as direct and as uncomplicated as it seems, then in a way, the song is an echo of what Tim McGraw's album debut was supposed to be in a COVID-less world. As Taste of Country noted at the time of the single's release in August 2020, the worry-free nature of the track goes hand-in-hand with what was planned for the debut pre-coronavirus: The song, along with the other tracks on McGraw's new album Here on Earth, was supposed to be released right before a summer 2020 tour. 

Instead, McGraw plans to celebrate his long-awaited album drop with a "special live-stream event" on its official August 21, 2020 premiere date, as Taste of Country reported. Along with performances from the country singer himself, McGraw will be joined by the songwriters and musicians integral to making the new album, all of whom will discuss what went on behind the scenes — which means that, if there's an additional meaning to "Good Taste in Women" that we aren't aware of now, we'll be sure to find out then.