Why Tom Brooks Didn't Want To Do 90 Day Fiance With Darcey Silva

Is anyone as unlucky in love as Darcey Silva? The 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days fan favorite — who is getting her own upcoming TLC spinoff alongside sister Stacey Silva — never seems to choose the right men. Or in one case, even a prepared man. 

After divorcing the father of her two daughters, Darcey entered a long-distance relationship with Jesse Meester, an Amsterdam personal trainer 19 years her junior. Although the two had great chemistry going into the series — in which Americans travel overseas to meet, potentially propose to, and seek a K-1 visa with someone they've been dating online — their connection didn't, shall we say, translate. Things ended explosively when Jesse visited Darcey's home state of Connecticut. "You never loved me," Darcey shouted as they parted. But it wouldn't be Darcey's last stab at abroad love.

In Season 3, Darcey appeared to have found love again in England with a man named Tom Brooks. However, that relationship ended as well, with Darcey frustrated at Tom's unwillingness to commit. Tom then belittled Darcey, asking her if she had gained weight while on the show. Yikes. Though Tom claimed the remark was taken "out of context and chopped to create drama," per The Blast, it was one of the series' most cringeworthy moments. And that's saying something, given... Ed and Rose

But that's not all. Apparently Darcey's former English beau was less camera-ready than that. Here's the truth about Darcey Silva and Tom Brooks. 

Tom Brooks was 'drunk' when he agreed to the show

Apparently, Darcey Silva's ex Tom Brooks didn't want to be on 90 Day FianceBefore the 90 Days in the first place. "I never wanted to be on the show," Tom said in a June 2020 interview with The Domenick Nati Show after the series' "tell-all" reunion episodes. Apparently, Tom told Darcey no for months, until he finally agreed to do his first interview — while intoxicated. "I got so drunk on a Friday night and I rang her and we were talking. And I think that was my audition but I don't remember much of it," he said. 

Tom got through to the next round of casting, doing his second interview... also drunk. "And then the second time again, it was another Friday night and I was drunk... And the next thing I know I've been accepted on the show."

Tom also didn't understand the concept at the time, saying he "hadn't watched it," not knowing it was about "getting married or getting a green card, honestly." And even sadder, Tom was ill. A source told Monsters and Critics he was admitted to a British hospital five times in 2018, though it wasn't revealed for what. 

"While Tom really loved Darcey and wanted to meet her, our source says that the timing of their first meeting was not great because he was clearly not at his best and needed more time to recover," the publication reported. Post-breakup, Darcey moved on with a new man, per People, and hopefully, he knows what he's signing up for.