Inside Diddy's Love Triangle With His Son And Lori Harvey

Diddy (real name Sean Combs) and Lori Harvey's relationship created quite a bit of buzz when it was seemingly confirmed back in 2019. The unlikely couple came together following the hip-hop mogul's split from singer Cassie Ventura in October 2018. While Diddy had been publicly linked to a couple women after his breakup with Ventura, his time with Harvey seemingly raised the most eyebrows. The reason? Harvey, who is Steve Harvey's step-daughter, had previously been linked to none other than Justin Combs, Diddy's son

According to TMZ, the two are "rumored to have dated" before Harvey and Diddy got together. In July 2019, the outlet reported that the two had stepped out together in New York City, in matching outfits no less. Though Diddy previously shot down rumors of the two being together in March 2019, per TMZ, it was inevitable that the truth would could to light. Needless to say, the news of their potential relationship led to many jokes on the internet at Diddy's expense.

So how did this (possible) love triangle even happen and how long did it last? Let's take a deep dive into the situation. 

Diddy and Lori Harvey had a 'fun fling'

Lori Harvey and Diddy's relationship seemingly ended as quickly as it started. While the two were all smiles and matching stripes when they were photographed together in July 2019, by October 2019 things had "fizzl[ed] out," according to E! News. The outlet reported that breakup rumors first started circulating "after multiple outlets reported Lori had unfollowed Diddy on Instagram." 

At the time, an insider told E! that Diddy and Harvey "had a fun fling but Diddy is still healing and focusing on himself right now." It's worth nothing that Diddy's ex-girlfriend and the mother of three of his kids, Kim Porter, suddenly passed away in November 2018. However, while the source told E! that Diddy was calling himself a single man following his split with Harvey, it wasn't long after the supposed breakup (read: the same month) that the rapper was spotted in Los Angeles, having dinner with Gemini Man star Nicole Olvera, per Hollywood Life.

Diddy clearly moved on relatively quickly, and Harvey has since gotten back in the dating game, as well. These days, she's being linked to rapper Future.