This Is Why Pink And Carey Hart Nearly Divorced

Pink has a reputation as the bad girl of pop-rock. Armed with a signature attitude and a killer voice, the singer rocketed to fame in the early 2000s, bridging the gap between teen pop and punk rock. While Pink, born Alicia Moore, has grown and changed over her career, one thing has remained constant: frank and confessional lyrics about her relationships and exactly how she's feeling at every stage of life.

Since 2001, Pink has been in a relationship with motocross competitor Carey Hart. The two immediately connected over their alternative attitudes and misfit status in popular culture, but their relationship was anything but easy. What followed their initial meeting was a turbulent decade, filled with incredible highs as well as low periods that nearly broke them. Today, they remain as committed to each other, but it was not an easy road back to togetherness. As Pink told The Guardian in 2017, "Monogamy is work!"

Work hard they did, overcoming years worth of obstacles and a near divorce to become one of the most solid couples in Hollywood.

Pink slashed Carey Hart's tires on Thanksgiving

Pink first met motocross star Carey Hart in 2001 at the Summer X-Games in Las Vegas. She spied someone who immediately appeared similar to herself: heavily tattooed, alternative, and risk-taking. He crashed his bike, leaving the competition with several broken bones, but also with Pink.

This was the start of a highly intense relationship, one that would overheat on Thanksgiving in 2003, when Pink slashed Hart's tires, slicing her hand open in the process. She relayed the story on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. "I got 13 stitches," she recalled. "But here's the thing: I didn't need any anesthesia. I couldn't feel a thing."

Pink and Hart eventually made peace, and she proposed in 2005, during one of his races. As Hart was completing his third lap, Pink held up a pit board with a message: "Will U Marry Me?" Hart apparently didn't see it, so Pink decided to try again during the next race. He saw it that time "and almost killed a guy veering off the [course,]" she recalled in an interview. The couple wed the next year on the beach in Costa Rica, but what followed was no happily ever after.

The reason they never signed their divorce papers

Marriage was not a panacea for Pink and Carey Hart's issues. Both stars worked constantly, making it harder and harder to make time for each other. "Carey would see me for five days and be gone for six weeks. We'd try to fix everything in those five days — you just can't do that," Pink recalled in a 2013 interview with Redbook. Divorce papers were prepared. 

The separation and strife found its way into Pink's art in the form of her 2008 album Funhouse. Its lead single, "So What," begins with the lyrics "I guess I just lost my husband, I don't know where he went," and boasts a music video featuring Hart as the object of Pink's fury. The album included more thoughtful and tender reflections on their separation, too, in the underrated song "Glitter in the Air" and one of her personal favorites, "I Don't Believe You."

Pink and Hart separated for about 11 months, but eventually sought counseling to work through their issues. As Pink told Oprah Winfrey in 2010: "I spent six years trying to change someone else, and I think that that was a great distraction for me to not really have to look at myself and see what I had to change in me... it was very humbling for me. I'm not perfect." Pink also cited "I Don't Believe You" as the song that helped her work through her feelings and bring her back to Hart. In reconciling, she gave him a scrapbook of their relationship, including the divorce papers she left unsigned.

Pink and Carey Hart are rock solid parents and partners

After ripping up their divorce papers, Pink and Carey Hart reconciled in a big way, welcoming their first child, Willow Sage, in June 2011 and their son, Jameson Moore, in December 2016.

Pink is still producing hit music, including 2019's Hurts 2B Human, which topped the Billboard 200, but these days, she is also firmly committed to the role of motherhood. "All of a sudden I'm a soccer mom and doing the damn thing. No one would have guessed this for me," she told Us Weekly in 2017. "Honestly, I didn't realize that you could enjoy it so much."

As for Pink and Hart, their hard work has become a point of pride and strength. "I'm so proud of the life that we have built together," Hart shared on Instagram in January 2020. "Both of us came from broken homes, yet we made the choice to work hard at our relationship. And look at us now! Two misfits when we met, we have grown together and now have an amazing family. Thank you for being my best friend (I know you don't like that), and amazing mother to our wild kids. I love you so much."