What Khloé Kardashian And Tristan Thompson Need To Do To Fix Their Relationship, According To An Expert

Khloé Kardashian and Tristan Thompson have endured a shared past that includes the birth of their beloved daughter, True, and the discovery of heartbreaking infidelities. And while some people may never be able to forget the ways in which they've been wronged, some are able to forgive and move on. That's what has seemingly happened with Kardashian and Thompson.

If you need a little background info: The reality TV star and NBA player were in a relationship and expecting a child together when he cheated on her more than once, including an inappropriate situation involving Jordyn Woods, the (at the time) best friend of Kardashian's younger sister, Kylie Jenner. Although this ultimately led to Kardashian and Thompson's split in 2019, rumors swirled in 2020, suggesting that the two were trying to work things out. But is that even possible? 

Dr. Tracy Thomas, a psychologist affectionately known as Dr. T, exclusively revealed to Nicki Swift that there may be hope. That is, if Kardashian and Thompson are willing to do the following in order to secure a stable and happy future together with their daughter.

Khloé and Tristan need to focus on what they really want

There's no doubt that Khloé Kardashian and Tristan Thompson want to be happy, however, they need to figure out what that involves. Psychologist Dr. Tracy Thomas explained to Nicki Swift that "as an emotional scientist," she "help[s] people shift from their reactions to their intentions so they can harness all of their emotions towards creating the exact future they want." Dr. T noted that "[t]his affords the opportunity to discontinue reliving the pain of the past because all of a person's energy is focused on their future and the exact outcomes they want to make happen."

In this particular situation, Dr. T says that Kardashian and Thompson "will benefit from taking all of the emotions that come up around their past struggles and asking themselves what they intend for the future as a way to keep themselves flowing forward as emotionally healthy adults, as emotionally intelligent partners, and as emotionally strong parents for True that keep their daughter's emotional development as their number one purpose."

Ultimately, Dr. T tells us that by "[f]ocusing on these kinds of intentions," Kardashian and Thompson will be able to "organiz[e] all of the other commitments they need to make together to be at the level they need to be at, in order to ensure the specific success they want to achieve for True and for all three of them over the long-term."

And frankly, there's another reason why they may want to do this not only for themselves, but also for True.

Khloé and Tristan need to set a good example for True

Whatever happens between Khloé Kardashian and Tristan Thompson in the future, they'll always be True's parents. That's why psychologist Dr. Tracy Thomas let Nicki Swift in on the fact that "[w]hatever they do next, it's important to know that True is absorbing every one of their emotional patterns, whether they are productive or unproductive." 

Dr. T explained that if Kardashian and Thompson "keep that in mind, [it] can guide them to upgrade themselves in the areas of emotion management, intentional focus, and productive communication." So what does that mean? "[C]onstantly speaking about what they want to create for each other and for their family, instead of bringing up the past all the time for fear that the past will repeat itself."

Beyond that, Dr. T notes that if Kardashian and Thompson "continually keep connecting over what they are co-creating together for their future, the past will dissolve into a faint memory. However, if they continually focus on the pain of the past, the past will surely recreate itself in the future." That's why they need "to make emotional training a priority so their relationship is protected and secured from all of the outside influences that could threaten to disconnect them again."

Fortunately for this famous family, Dr. T points out that "having a strong and solid emotional infrastructure in place ... means that for True and her parents, the sky's the limit."