Inside Chris And Cristina Cuomo's Marriage

CNN correspondent Chris Cuomo, his wife, and their family made headlines in April of 2020 when three out of their five family members contracted COVID-19. Chris tested positive first with his wife, Cristina Greeven Cuomo, and their middle child, Mario, Jr., following suit. The couple has weathered plenty of life's ups and downs together. After being married for more than 18 years, it's no surprise that the two stepped up to the plate and rallied around one another to take care of each other and their children during that very stressful period in their lives.

Even Chris' late father and former New York Governor, Mario Cuomo, was absolutely sure that the couple's union was perfect, per Prevention. On their wedding day, the father-of-the-groom boasted, "If this match between Chris and Cristina is not made in heaven, it's certainly made in the vicinity near heaven. They are both bright, sincere and intelligent people." 

Keep reading after the jump to learn all of the interesting aspects regarding the Cuomos' heavenly union.

Cristina Cuomo was late... to her own wedding

As reported by Prevention, on a beautiful fall day in November of 2001, the Cuomos tied the knot during a Catholic ceremony at the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary Catholic Church in Southampton, Long Island. The ceremony went off without a hitch... once the bride finally arrived, that is. The story goes that the bride, Cristina Greeven Cuomo, showed up more than a half hour late. It's rumored that her Oscar de la Renta gown might've had a little something to do with her tardiness, but we'll let you be the judge of that.

Chris Cuomo's late father, Mario Cuomo, just happened to be waiting outside of the church with his wife and mother-of-the-groom, Matilda Cuomo, when a reporter for New York Daily News grilled him on what he was doing. "I'm waiting for the bride," Mario admitted. "If she doesn't show up, you'll really have a great story," he added. Thankfully, Cristina did show and the two have lived happily ever after ever since.

Both spouses have comprehensive backgrounds in journalism

You know what they say, "Don't bring your work home with you." However, the Cuomos have done just that, seeing as they both have comprehensive backgrounds in journalism. While most are well aware of Chris Cuomo's successful career working as a correspondent for both ABC and CNN, it may come as a surprise to know that his wife Cristina Greeven Cuomo is also no stranger to journalism. Three words: Media. Power. Couple.

Early in her career, Cristina served as the editor for Manhattan and Beach magazine published by Modern Luxury as well as the editor-in-chief for Hamptons and Gotham magazines, as reported by New York Post. In 2017, however, Cristina set out on her own and established her own media brand and high-end wellness magazine titled The Purist.

According to the "About Us" section on the digital version of the magazine, Cristina explains how she became interested in wellness as a whole and how she wants the publication to benefit others: "The Purist will help you refine and define the life you seek. Here, you will find strength, equilibrium, peace of mind, lots of laughter, and loads of love." Phew. Here's to having more of that in 2020, right?!

Chris and Cristina Cuomo have famous friends

In the words of former Bravo housewife Jill Zarin, this couple "runs with a fabulous circle of people." It just so happens that Chris Cuomo and Cristina Greeven Cuomo are a man and woman about town. They're known for attending many posh parties in the Hamptons — when not in the midst of a pandemic, of course. Rumor has it that the Cuomos have attended many a summer party with the likes of Tory Burch, DVF, and Naomi Watts, per Prevention.

Cristina's rolodex is also strong with A-list celebs like Oprah Winfrey and Scarlett Johansson posing for the cover of her very own magazine, The Purist. There's also this little nugget of info: Cristina made a cameo in 2008 on the hit television show, Gossip Girl. Fan-girling yet?! Yeah, we thought so.

Don't get it twisted, though. The Cuomos also enjoy low-key beach days with their children. During a 2014 interview with the New York Times, Cristina admitted they love to spend the long, dog days of summer outside at their home in Southampton. "Typically we go to our house in Southampton on the weekends, because I like the kids to be out in nature and New York City isn't exactly the place you can let your kids run wild," she said.

Here's to wishing the Cuomo family many more happy summer vacations together!