The Truth About Farrah Abraham And Christine Quinn's Friendship

It may come as a shock to reality TV fans that Selling Sunset's Christine Quinn and Teen Mom's Farrah Abraham's could possibly get along. Both of these stars are known for their fire-starting attitudes and the tension that they cause on their respective shows. Farrah has had countless feuds with both the cast and crew on MTV's Teen Mom franchise. Her participation in the adult film industry also turned heads, which ultimately caused her to get the boot from MTVThe firing did not sit well with Farrah, per Cheatsheet

As for Christine, she too has made a name for herself in the reality TV realm as someone whose bad side you do not want to be on. On Netflix's hit series Selling Sunset, the realtor turned reality star is basically the queen bee at the Oppenheim Group, stirring up drama every chance she gets with her confrontational personality. When the cameras aren't rolling, she also doesn't mind flaunting what she's got. She appeared on the cover of Maxim Australia in a steamy (and revealing) leather bodysuit.

But somehow, these two powerhouse divas are actually friends. Let's take a look.

Farrah and Christine were spotted together in LA

Wondering where these two outspoken ladies stand? Farrah Abraham and Christine Quinn surprised fans when they were spotted together in July 2020. Daily Mail reported that the two went out together as Farrah was searching for a new home in the Los Angeles area. Christine, who works as a luxe Cali-based realtor (as Selling Sunset fans know), connected with Farrah to do some house hunting. 

The stars were photographed grabbing a power lunch together and laughing up a storm before checking out a few hot listings in the area, and they even took to Instagram to share the moment. Cheatsheet reports that in an Instagram video, Farrah said, "So, Christine's gonna show me my new house today," with Christine chiming in, "I'm so excited for my new sexy client!"

It appears that, so far, Farrah and Christine's friendship is more business-related than the duo hanging out on the reg. But work friends can definitely turn into regular friends sometimes. Maybe one day, Farrah will even make an appearance on Selling Sunset.