Why Colt Johnson And Jess Caroline's 90 Day Fiance Romance Was Doomed

Colt Johnson is just one of many 90 Day-ers with a long history of heartbreak. He first appeared with his better (or worse) half, Larissa Dos Santos Lima, on Season 6 of 90 Day Fiancé. The pair shared an epically messy relationship. Their short marriage ended in a divorce speckled with police reports just two years later. Their fights were so out of control that they called the cops on each other numerous times. Larissa even spent some time in jail, and as of the current season of Happily Ever After?, she is still working off her community service.

Colt moved on to another Brazilian national, Jess Caroline. As much as Colt maintained that Jess was different than Larissa, the two had more in common than he might like to admit. Colt once called the cops on Larissa when she hit him because she thought he was cheating. Jess attacked Colt when she realized he was still in contact with a woman named Vanessa, Jess' mortal enemy.

Old habits die hard as they say, and just like his time with Larissa, his partnership with Jess wasn't built to last. The ill-fated pair was doomed from the start. Here's why.

Colt Johnson seems to have a wandering eye

When Colt Johnson met Jess Caroline (via Instagram), he thought he'd finally found the one. He even went so far as to ask her father for her hand when they traveled to Brazil to meet Jess' family. Things took a sharp left just days after the Brazil trip when Jess confronted Colt about his infidelity while grabbing coffee at a cat café in Vegas, and thankfully also on camera. Jess whipped out receipts proving that multiple women messaged her saying Colt slid into their DMs and sent them nude photos.

Backed into a corner, with nowhere to go, Colt came clean. He admitted to sending the scandalous photos and insisted that he only did so when he and Jess were on a break. "One of the times Jess and I broke up, I was lonely, so I started to talk to other women. Our relationship has not been easy," he reportedly said (via Entertainment Tonight). Colt added, "While I was talking to these other women online, I sent them d**k pics. I'm ashamed of myself."

Jess and Colt are no longer together (shocker!), but Colt is on OnlyFans, where he continues to post photos of himself. If you want to see the potentially NSFW snaps, it'll cost you $25 a month. Unless he slides into your DMs, in which case they're free.