Does Bachelorette Star Tyler Cameron Have A History With Olivia Culpo?

Bachelorette star Tyler Cameron and Miss Universe winner Olivia Culpo have a surprising history no one knew about, and the truth about their connection came to light on Sept. 30, 2020, when the two teamed up for a "Beauty Talks" masterclass via Instagram. In the video, they talked about skincare and how to use Clarins Double Serum effectively. But, before they explained the beauty process in a step-by-step guide, Cameron had a little confession to make: He had (and still has) a big crush on Culpo. In fact, he admitted he's had an eye on the Sports Illustrated model for years! 

Cameron put his feelings on display by flirting with Culpo right from the start. "We go way, way back," the former Bachelorette contestant said. Culpo then corrected him with a confused look on her face. "No, we don't," she replied. What did Tyler Cameron mean by "way, way back"? Keep scrolling to find out!

Tyler Cameron has had a crush on Olivia Culpo since 2012

Tyler Cameron clarified that he and Olivia Culpo don't exactly have a history, per se. It's actually more of a one-sided affair, as he admitted he has followed her career since she won Miss Rhode Island in 2012. (She also won Miss Universe that same year, according to Today.) "I know, I used to be a huge fan of you back in the day when you had your whole run and pageants," the Bachelorette alum confessed in the Instagram chat, in which Olivia called out his use of the past-tense in describing his affection for her. 

However, Cameron made it clear that he's still very fond of the model. He even had to change the subject because he was getting a little embarrassed about his admission. "Still, Olivia, don't worry. The love hasn't faded. Now I'm here with you. So, uh, I'm getting nervous, my armpits are starting to sweat," he continued, nervously checking to make sure he wasn't perspiring too much. "Let's talk about Clarins so I can keep myself together."

Before fans of these two get too excited, Culpo is very much taken. She's been dating football player Christian McCaffrey since 2019, according to People. But that didn't stop Tyler from gushing over her, telling Us Weekly, "She has the brightest, most energetic smile. It radiates energy!"