Why 90 Day Fiance's Angela Didn't Tell Michael About Her Surgery

Reality TV reunions almost always unearth some surprising secrets, and 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? is no exception. The Season 5 three-part tell-all was full of shocking developments. Jess Caroline revealed she'd gotten married just five months after ending things with Colt Johnson. They screamed at each other over Zoom about Colt's sexting habit and Jess' need for a green card. In true TLC fashion, it was both wildly entertaining and totally uncomfortable. That was nothing, though, compared to the awkwardness of the conversation between Angela Deem and her husband, Michael Ilesanmi, about something Angela tried hard to keep secret.

For context, Angela, who makes up the American half of the couple, is currently in the United States. Meanwhile, Michael is in his native Nigeria waiting for the all-clear to join his wife in the U.S. When asked if Angela had any plans for herself during their indefinite separation, the reality star sheepishly said she did, but she didn't want to tell Michael. After some urging from her co-stars, the Georgia native admitted she would soon undergo weight-loss surgery, per Us Weekly. Michael looked livid about both the surgery and Angela's deception.

What's the deal? Read on to find out why Angela tried to hide her life-changing decision from her husband.

Angela knew Michael would be mad about her decision

During the 90 Day tell-all, Angela Deem told her co-stars she wanted weight-loss surgery because her body changed substantially in the past year. "It's annoying to be out of breath, when you know you gained 20 pounds in two months from sitting around here eating everything the kids eat," she explained. Angela said the transformation would be drastic, explaining, "I'm gonna have it all done," and describing how "everything," including her skin, would be reconstructed. "After the third month, I'll drop about a hundred and something pounds," she said excitedly, as reported by Us Weekly.

There was one person who wasn't excited, though: Angela's husband, Michael Ilesanmi. While his wife described her cosmetic plans to their castmates, he resolutely shook his head and repeatedly interrupted to say "no" while Angela spoke. "No doing this artificial stuff. I don't like it," Michael declared (via Us Weekly). Angela did her best to change his mind. "We have great sex now, Michael," she said, "But can you imagine with a hundred pounds off? I'll flip you upside down." Honestly, TMI...

Michael maintained that he loves Angela just as she is, but admitted that there's nothing he can do to stop her if she wants the surgery. "I don't complain about your body," Michael said to his wife, "You know this." Angela is planning on living her best life, regardless of what Michael thinks. "You got to feel sexy to be sexy," she said. Amen to that, Angie!

Angela and Michael are at odds over having kids

Although Michael Ilesanmi and Angela Deem might have settled the surgery issue, they still are at odds regarding an important topic — potentially having children together. The big problem is that Angela — who celebrated her 55th birthday in September 2020 — received information from her gynecologist that she can't conceive a child using her eggs, as she does not have any viable ones left. Michael was disappointed with the news, and he tried to persuade his wife to undergo IVF. However, Angela refused due to the cost, as Showbiz Cheat Sheet noted. Another option that Michael proposed? Taking another wife, which did not sit well with Angela.

Once these options were exhausted, the couple tried to convince Angela's daughter, Skyla, to provide one of her eggs. Skyla said no, stating during the 90 Day Fiancé Tell-All special in October 2020, per Monsters & Critics, "I just can't because that's like my child." When Michael persisted with the idea, but Angela got frustrated and accused him of wanting an "anchor baby," an offensive term for a child born in the United States to immigrant parents seeking citizenship, according to The Washington Post

Clearly, these two have a lot to figure out when it comes to potentially having kids. TBD.

Angela and Michael might have reached a compromise

Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi might have put their baby plans on hold for now, but in October 2020, they grew their family in another way. Angela took to Instagram to share a pic of a puppy with the caption, "Well here is Michael and I baby boy. Meet ourr [sic] son Tekashi. See i kept my word we are proud parent's [sic]."

People were overjoyed to see the little pup, although some people still chided Angela for not being "upfront" with Michael about having children. One person wrote, "Michael has been upfront and honest from day one that he wanted a child. You should have walked away when you couldn't or gave him an option other than your daughters egg." Many other commenters asked whether Michael was happy with the compromise. No matter what Angela does, there's a good chance people will always question whether she has Michael's best interests at heart. 

As for this writing, Michael remains in Nigeria due to COVID-19 restrictions. Until then, Angela is happy raising the puppy by herself. Sh's also been meeting with celeb fitness trainer, Natasha Fett, who some might recognize from Mama June: From Not To Hota Here Comes Honey Boo Boo spinoff. It's unclear what Michael thinks about all of that either, but Angie will be sure to keep everyone updated.