What Boy Band Does Kenny From The Bachelorette Manage?

The Bachelor franchise is infamous for its absurd job titles. Who could ever forget that both Haley and Emily Ferguson's job was simply "Twin" on Ben Higgins' season of The Bachelor. Lucy Aragon was the "Free Spirit" of Juan Pablo Galavis' cast, which also included "Dog Lover" Kelly Travis. And, of course, there was Alexis Waters, the "Aspiring Dolphin Trainer" from Nick Viall's Bachelor season. Alexis won the fandom over when she popped out of the limo wearing a shark costume, while proclaiming her love for dolphins. On Clare Crawley's season of The Bachelorette, the contestant entrances weren't as outrageous as the recent seasons, but Kenny Braasch made an impression when he approached Clare wearing a shirt with a photo of her two dogs on the front. Clare even reached out to "pet" his shirt.

Wardrobe choices aside, Kenny stood out for another reason. Apparently, he's a "boy band manager," which is a bit of a twist considering that most people go on The Bachelor to become famous instead of helping others find fame. But what band does Kenny manage? Keep scrolling to find out!

Kenny from 'The Bachelorette' manages bands in Chicago

Kenny Braasch's occupation is listed as a "Boy Band Manager" on the show and in his cast member profile, which has not one, but two, NSYNC references. He is described as a "handsome man about town [who] is ready to say 'Bye Bye Bye' to the single life." Not only that, but Kenny is also "tired of having 'No Strings Attached' and is ready for someone to join him on this journey he calls life."

His bio also states that he's a talent buyer in Chicago who creates and manages boy band cover bands, not an actual boy band. He is actually the founder of TSRE, which stands for The Right Stuff Entertainment. And, yes, that's a New Kids on the Block reference. He books cover bands at festivals, weddings, corporate events, and concert venues. The acts include a boy band tribute band (duh), an '80s hair band cover group, a group that performs yacht rock and soft rock hits, and a country cover band, among others.

Unfortunately for Kenny, he is on The Bachelorette at a time when live music events are pretty much out of the question thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. But hopefully the exposure from the show will pay off in the future. If it doesn't, he can always sell teeth whitener and detox tea on Instagram.