How Clare Crawley Really Feels About Tayshia Adams As The Bachelorette

After being postponed because of the coronavirus pandemic, Clare Crawley's Bachelorette season is off to a solid start, but rumor has it that Clare will be replaced early on in the season, as she reportedly fell for contestant Dale Moss quickly and didn't want to continue the show with the other men. Tayshia Adams, who appeared on Colton Underwood's Bachelor season, is reportedly replacing Clare as The Bachelorette's leading lady. If that happens, it sounds like Tayshia will have Clare's full support.

Clare talked to Entertainment Tonight about Tayshia, and it's clear she has nothing but respect for her. In fact, before Clare was announced as The Bachelorette's star, she was rooting for Tayshia to lead the series! In addition to her positive comments about Tayshia to ET, Clare tweeted her support for Tayshia during Colton's Bachelor season. Here's what the Bachelor Nation member had to say about her reported replacement.

Bachelorette Clare Crawley is team Tayshia all the way

Based on Clare Crawley's October 2020 conversation with Entertainment Tonight, it's clear she has a ton of respect for Tayshia Adams and sees her as a strong woman. "I wanted Tayshia as the Bachelorette... like, I support her," Clare toldĀ ET. "I think she's beautiful, I think she's a very grounded woman, a woman who knows what she wants. I completely support that, I supported her....I've wanted [her] to be the Bachelorette forever. I always was for that."

Clare also tried to explain the Twitter situation in August 2020 that led fans to believe Tayshia will replace her on The Bachelorette Season 16. Clare's Twitter account liked a tweet about Tayshia becoming the show's star, only to unlike the post the next day. Bachelorette stars and contestants aren't allowed to use social media during the show's filming, suggesting that Clare was back online and no longer on the show.

Clare told ET the like and subsequent unlike happened at the hands of a friend. "The truth is I don't even know [why it happened], her and I have not even talked about it," Clare told the outlet. "I didn't even think it was that big of a deal, I think slip-ups happen. Whether she meant to or didn't mean to...we haven't even talked about it." You'd think she and her friend would have discussed what was potentially a major spoiler, but we'll have to take her word for it.

Clare Crawley tweeted her support for Tayshia Adams during her Bachelor season

Like plenty of other Bachelor Nation members, Clare Crawley has live-tweeted other seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. During Colton Underwood's Bachelor season, Clare tweeted about how much she admired Tayshia Adams and wanted her to star on The Bachelorette. "I SO want @TayshiaAdams for bachelorette! She keeps her strength and composure together! All while being open and vulnerable," Clare tweeted in March 2019. It's clear she's been a fan of Tayshia's for a while now, which makes the news that Tayshia is reportedly replacing her even sweeter.

Clare's tweet about Tayshia isn't the only prescient post she shared before filming her Bachelorette season. In February 2020, Clare tweeted a joke about eliminating 80% of her suitors on the first night. "First season ever to eliminate 20/25 the first night #IKnowWhatILike #gtfo," she wrote. While she meant it in jest, it's ironic considering the fact that Clare reportedly left The Bachelorette's filming because she fell for contestant Dale Moss early on in the show's filming. She really does know what she likes!

If Tayshia does replace Clare on the current Bachelorette season, it's clear that she'll have the first Season 16 lead's full support every step of the way.