The One Thing About Angela Deem That Drives 90 Day Fiance Fans Wild

Angela Deem quickly became a fan-favorite on TLC's 90 Day Fiancé — a franchise about Americans who try to make things work with their (often mismatched) foreign partners while they get to know each other on 90-day visas. Angela came onto Season 2 of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days as the American half of her American/Nigerian relationship.

When Angela and Michael Ilesanmi finally got together in person — and on camera — sparks flew. That doesn't mean their strangers to the drama, though. Case in point, a large part of the couple's storylines in Season 5 of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? involved the age difference between Angela and Michael.

As Michael is in his early 30s, he planned on starting a family soon after he tied the knot. Unfortunately for Angela, who is in her 50s, the realities of conceiving and carrying a child were daunting. This fueled a fair amount of arguments throughout the season, culminating in the Season 5 reunion when Angela informed Michael via Zoom (because 2020) that she would soon be undergoing extensive weight-loss and cosmetic surgery.

Angela faced backlash from fans and her husband because the cost of the weight-loss surgery meant that she would not pay for or seek IVF or other fertility options. The criticism didn't stop there — Angela's voluptuous figure also raised some eyebrows. Read on to find out why Angela's one strange body habit has fans of the show freaking out.

Angela from '90 Day Fiance's bra hack shocked fans

Any woman will tell you purses are annoying; pockets are where it's at. It's so much more convenient to carry things in your pocket than to lug a purse around. Unfortunately, some outfits don't come with pockets, and some situations make it difficult to carry a bag. Well, Angela Deem came up with an ingenious solution — storing all her extras in her bra. On 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?, Angela revealed she carries her ID, cigarettes, lighter, passport, and money in her bra in a pinch, per Daily Soap Dish.

Needless to say, fans had thoughts. "Has Angela ever heard of this new fangled invention called a purse? Your bra is supposed to hold your boobs not cigarettes and a wallet," one fan tweeted. "I was honestly impressed. I'm also guilty of using my bra as a purse, but Angela takes it to brand new heights," said another. A third person added, "Angela from '90 day Fiancé' kills me with her 'I'M DONE I'M DONE' then 5 mins later 'there will be a wedding' like girl, make up ur mind, but then again this is also the same lady that uses her bra as a purse lololol."

While fans were quick to share their opinions, one person who didn't was Michael Ilesanmi, who fights with Angela about many things but apparently not doubling her bra as a purse. TBH, what a woman does with her bra isn't a dude's business anyway — more power to you, Angie.