What Happened To Carrington And Laurel After Love Island USA?

Love Island USA Season 2 officially came to an end on Sept. 30, 2020 with Islanders Carrington Rodriguez and Laurel Goldman coming in fourth place. The couple, who met at Casa Amor following a surprise twist, started off strong, but their relationship was quickly tested after new contestants entered the villa. (At one point, it looked like Carrington was going to recouple with Lakeyn Call after their instant connection, but he chose Laurel instead.) 

Ultimately, Carrington and Laurel two stuck by each other and made it to the very end. "To me you are sheer perfection," Carrington said during his speech to Laurel on the show's finale. "I feel as if we are becoming the couple we dreamed of finding when we entered the villa. As we leave our beginning in the past tonight, I can't help but think about our future." He added, "Traveling is a passion we share and I can't wait to wake up in Fiji, Thailand, or even Paris one day. But I especially can't wait until we miss each other enough to move in together. And if we feel this way after three weeks, I can't imagine how we'll feel in three months."

So where exactly do Carrington and Laurel stand after leaving the Love Island USA villa? Keep scrolling to find out if they're still together after the Love Island finale.

Carrington and Laurel defended their relationship

After the Love Island USA finale, Laurel Goldman shared an Instagram post about her experience, revealing how excited she is for her future with Carrington Rodriguez. "Words can't even describe the emotions I'm feeling right now. Thank you to everyone for all of the love, support, and taking on this crazy journey with me," she wrote. "This experience not only brought me my handsome man, but also along with that so much growth and an amazing new family."

The couple were met with a bit of criticism after fellow Islander Lakeyn Call, who sparked up a romance with Carrington at one point, accused him of only dating Laurel "for the show and then once they get off the show, I see him being a hurtful person to her." However, Carrington denied her claims. "If I was just caring about the show or trying to be fake in any way, I would've stuck with Kierstan [Saulter]," he said, as per Entertainment Tonight, referring to his second Love Island USA partner. "I could've just faked it but I was real with myself and I was real with my heart and it took me to a good place."

It looks like Carrington made the right decision, because he and Laurel are still together and going strong, according to Bustle.

Carrington and Laurel have 'realistic expectations' for the future

In a post-Love Island USA interview with Entertainment Tonight, Carrington Rodriguez revealed that he and Laurel Goldman had "very realistic expectations for the outside world." He explained, "We do not want to just end like most couples do when they go on a show like this. We're not boyfriend and girlfriend, but we are going to talk to each other, we're going to text, we're going to call all the time because it is going to be very weird being apart."

"But that's what we need to figure out, how much we want each other because we've never missed each other," he continued. "We've been with each other every hour of the day, so this is going to be very good for us." He went on to say that he does intend to go visit her in Alabama (he lives in Utah) and that they plan to go on "one or two trips a month" until they decide if they're willing to commit to being in a serious relationship.

The pair seem to be making the long-distance thing work for now, as they frequently comment on each other's Instagram posts. "That's my guy proud of u babe!" Laurel wrote on a recent pic, before commenting "father my kids plz" on a shirtless photo of Carrington.