Nail Salon Snags Footage Of Kim Kardashian's Robbers

Finally, there are some leads in the terrifying robbery of Kim Kardashian: the culprits may have been caught on camera after all.

A source told The Sun that the Bel Ange nail salon, which is near the Hôtel Pourtalès where the robbery occurred, caught the thieves on their CCTV cameras. "[The owner] wasn't even allowed to view it herself but [the police] told her what was on it," the insider said. "They said it showed their faces. The upstairs camera caught the gang in a mirror which looks out onto the street. It shot them perfectly as they made their way inside this shopping area and then a second camera got them as they made their way through an unlocked corridor to the car park. Police told the owner it has given them the best lead yet."

The source added, "It just happened to be facing the mirror so it just happened to be perfectly placed. It's a million-to-one chance. Obviously the gang knew where they were going, too. They weren't just fleeing randomly into the night."

"It's a surprise that the corridor they used to get away was unlocked but that's just how it is, especially considering the wealthy people who stay at that hotel so close by," the source continued. "The robbers could actually have taken a short route on the street to get to the car park if they went by the street. But it seems they went via the corridor to try to evade being seen. Despite them having planned this like clockwork they would never have known that they would have been caught on CCTV like they have."

The news likely comes as a relief for both Kardashian and the cops, because sources told Us Weekly that none of Kardashian's neighbors even heard what was happening. "[The staff of the] Hôtel Pourtalès has now been spoken to, and the neighbors heard nothing at all," an insider said. "[They] did not hear a thing when she was screaming for help."

Making things even more difficult: there's no CSI-style evidence lying around for investigators. "Forensic enquiries have also been carried out," a source told Us Weekly, "but as yet there is no useful DNA evidence."

Hopefully, testimony from the hotel's concierge, who, as Nicki Swift previously reported, is a key witness, as well as the nail salon footage, will clear up some of the many questions surrounding the case, bring the criminals to justice, and give Kardashian some relief. When press asked Jonathan Cheban yesterday how his famous BFF was holding up, he replied, "Not so good."