Who Bachelorette Fans Think Yosef Should Have Been Mad At Instead Of Clare

It's understandable that Yosef Aborady wasn't comfortable with the idea of that cringe-worthy naked dodgeball date that happened during Week 2 of Clare Crawley's The Bachelorette season. Clare even went in for awkward hugs with the naked guys who lost the dodgeball match and had to walk back home in the buff. When the losing team reunited with the cast members who weren't on the group date with Clare, Yosef was fuming once he found out about the nudity involved (which he wasn't even a part of, by the way). Thus, Episode 3 began with Yosef confronting Clare about that date during an extremely heated discussion.

Yosef pointed out a "couple of red flags he saw in Clare," including how she was upset that no one pulled her aside to talk on a group date. While discussing the infamous dodgeball dateYosef told Clare, "I found it really disrespectful." He said he was "absolutely appalled" that the guys played strip dodgeball. Yosef described the concept as "humiliating and degrading."

Yosef slammed Clare for that "completely classless display" in addition to telling her, "I expected a lot more from the oldest Bachelorette that's ever been." He even said he's "ashamed to be associated with" Clare. But has he ever seen this show? Does he know anything about the Bachelor franchise? Viewers want to know why he's mad at Clare, when there's another, way more logical, person with whom he should be annoyed.

Yosef Aborady should be mad at The Bachelorette producers

Newsflash: Clare Crawley doesn't plan her dates on The Bachelorette. Sure, she might have some input, and yes, she ultimately has to consent to participate, but there is a whole production team that puts these plans together in advance. Aside from being rude, Yosef Aborady's decision to confront Clare about the date concept was just illogical. As one viewer put it, "Yosef should have directed his speech at the producers." One fan shared a screenshot of Clare from her conversation with Yosef and captioned it with, "Clare laughing inside knowing it was the producers choice. This guy is cringeyyyy!!!" Well, unfortunately, Clare had zero laughs during that discussion. 

One fan theorized, "Clearly the producers wanted to piss of Claire." Duh. Another Bachelorette viewer posted, "Like we know that the producers are the ones who did the strip dodgeball." Seriously, that was not solely Clare's fault. Before Clare kicked Yosef out, a viewer said, "If you're that upset .... leave.... Bachelor producers had the idea not Clare, do you know how TV works?"

One social media user wondered, "Does this dude know that it was most likely the producers who suggested strip dodgeball?" Apparently not. Or maybe the producers also had a hand in suggesting that Yosef confront Clare? We wouldn't be surprised.