Chanel West Coast Can't Stand This Rumor About Her Parents

Chanel West Coast is no stranger to shade, and while she can usually take the heat, there is one misconception about her that irks that rapper the most. With the lavish life Chanel lives today, many have assumed that she came from a rich family, but the Ridiculousness star revealed that she didn't come from an affluent home.

"Where do people get this idea?" Chanel said in a July 2020 interview with In Touch Weekly. "I do not know. Like I literally grew up like really broke, like modest lifestyle. Both my parents had good jobs, but like we were not rich by any means."

Painting a picture of her upbringing, she added, "I took the MTA bus growing up. I'm very familiar with how to get around all of L.A. on the MTA bus. Then my dad's a New Yorker [and took] subways everywhere. You know, he wasn't like a rich guy who was taking cabs everywhere. Like we did a lot of walking and a lot of subways."

Keep scrolling to see how Chanel really feels about people slamming her parents and the misinformation about her upbringing.

Chanel West Coast finds it funny that people assume she came from money

Although Chanel West Coast is setting the record straight when it comes to her family's finances, she finds it humorous that people have projected this affluent image onto her. "It's just so funny to me when people make these comments and I'm like, 'why, how are you so ignorant and assuming that you know my life?'" she told In Touch.

In an effort to understand why people assume she came from money, she thinks her looks could be the culprit. "I think like I have like this like cutesy white girl look so maybe people see me and just like, imagine this like perfect lifestyle or something, but that's not how my life was, by any means."

Even though Chanel can laugh at the misconception, she wouldn't want the falsehood to take away from her accomplishments. Revealing that she grew up with a "single mom," she said that both of her parents "struggled" to provide. "It's just, it makes me mad when people say that, because I take a lot of pride in how hard I've worked for what I have," she told the outlet.

While there are plenty of people who come from rich homes who have it "easier," Chanel wants people to know that her journey to success wasn't made simple with the help of money. "I want people to know how hard I've worked, like to get to where I am."