Details You Never Knew About Chanel West Coast's Family

These days, Chanel West Coast seems to be quite a busy woman. Not only is West Coast a rapper, but she's also a co-host of MTV's Ridiculousness, along with Rob Dyrdek and Sterling "Steelo" Brim. West Coast also seemingly stays busy maintaining her online relationship with fans, which involves clapping back at trolls and keeping us all entertained with her poolside pics and workout routines. 

The rapper also isn't afraid to get involved in the occasional feud. Over the years, she's gotten into it with Nicki Minaj and Sharon Stone. There was also the back an forth between West Coast and Bhad Bhabie. Another example? West Coast's feud with Alexis Skyy. And who could forget that major showdown with Charlamagne Tha God on Ridiculousness.

However, long before those public feuds and West Coast's status as a celeb, she was known by her real name, Chelsea Chanel Dudley, according to Pop Crush. It seems that her family had a significant influence on West Coast's career and they still remain a big part of her life. Here are some details you probably didn't know about Chanel West Coast's family.

Chanel West Coast loves her dining room for one very special reason

According to Chanel West Coast's official bio on her website, she "split her time living between North Hollywood with her mom and New York City with her father." Per In Touch Weekly, "Chanel's parents haven't been an item since she was young." West Coast's dad eventually remarried and the rapper seems to love her stepmom. In March 2020, West Coast took to social media to congratulate her dad and stepmom on 16 years of marriage, writing, "I'm happy my dad found you, Linda. You are an angel sent to him and I don't know what our lives would be without you." That sounds like some major family love!

Despite being separated, it seems like West Coast's mom and dad are somewhat amicable, as the family celebrates holidays together. When the rapper gave a home tour to In Touch Weekly in March 2020, she showed off her glam dining room and explained why it has such a special place in her heart.

"I've only had one Christmas dinner here so far," the Ridiculousness co-host said, showing her dining table, "and it was actually my very first Christmas with both my mother and father together." She continued, 'It was great to finally have my mom and dad together in the same house at the same table for Christmas. So, this table made that all come together."

Chanel West Coast says she didn't 'come from money at all'

In May 2020, someone left a comment on one of Chanel West Coast's TikTok videos, claiming that she grew up rich. They reportedly wrote (via In Touch Weekly): "You spend your childhood in North Hollywood and New York City with rich parents. Stop trying to act like you're a normal person living life." West Coast replied: "My parents are broke WTF you talking about rich LMAO."

However, the commenter was adamant, replying: "No one's parents who are actually broke are gonna just throw this out there." West Coast didn't back down, writing: "Um, yes I will throw that out there LMFAO. I don't come from money at all, anyone in my family seeing comments saying that I do is laughing."

While West Coast didn't come from money, that doesn't mean her parents didn't heavily influence her musical life, and thanks to their bi-coastal locations, she spent time in California as well as New York. In an interview with Pop Crush, the rapper said: "My dad's a DJ from Brooklyn and he's a very soulful guy, so he always spun a lot of hip-hop and that's where I get a lot of my hip-hop influence."

West Coast added: "... [M]y mom is a very big rock chick and I grew up listening to a lot of hardcore rock music with my mom, so I do have a little bit of that rocker girl in me, too." It definitely seems like West Coast inherited her parent's love of music!