The Truth About Chanel West Coast's Feud With Bhad Bhabie

Chanel West Coast knows how to start some feuds. Our girl has a history of spats with Sharon Stone, a feud that even included a lawsuit; add to this list none other than a beef with rapper icon, Nicki Minaj; then there was Chanel's fight with Charlamagne tha God while he was a guest on MTV's Ridiculousness; and there's also Chanel's drama with TV personality Alexis Skyy. Mercy!

Chanel is also quick with a clapback should she face any sass from online trolls. At least she knows how to stick up for herself! And in the spirit of resiliency, Chanel even shared that she likes her online trolls for an intriguing reason — their hate pushes her to prove them wrong. So clearly the hip hop-star and MTV host is comfortable with a little conflict and isn't shy to start something.

Case in point: Chanel had a brutal feud with rapper Bhad Bhabie and it got pretty heated. Keep reading to find out what happened.

Chanel West Coast called Bhad Bhabie an 'ignorant fool'

What went down between Chanel West Coast and rapper Bhad Bhabie? Chanel got denied entrance to a club in 2017 and dissed Bhad Bhabie while she was having a meltdown. Hey, why go down alone? According to Complex, Chanel was waiting outside of the nightclub Poppy in West Hollywood when a guy at the front of the line told her he'd get her in if she brought her cutest friends and ditched the rest. The Ridiculousness alum, who admitted having had a few drinks at this point, was upset, citing that proposition as "bad friend" behavior.

"I saw a camera guy filming and I was like, hey, maybe if I act a little crazier, I'll get some attention. Because at this point, I think that that's what this world has come down to," Chanel told TMZ. Then she brought up Bhad Bhabie, who first made a name for herself on Dr. Phil in 2016. Chanel said, "I think the only way to get attention is to act like a complete ignorant fool. You know, we've got Cash Me Outside girls and people like that who act like complete fools and they get fame for it." Ouch!

Chanel concluded, "I'll be honest, I put a little extra on it and just spiced it up a little just to hype it up and get some attention, because god forbid I get any attention for being the normal, hardworking, kind person I am." So, how'd Bhad Bhabie respond?

Bhad Bhabie doesn't even know who Chanel West Coast is

Bhad Bhabie, whose real name is Danielle Bregoli, got stopped by TMZ the very next day. And when they asked how she was responding to Chanel West Coast's rant, Bhad Bhabie had some choice words. She said, "You know what's crazy? I did not know who that raggedy b***h was an hour ago. I just found out who she was." Then Bhad Bhabie added, "If you're going to come for me, at least make sure that I know who you are or else you just look stupid."

When they asked how Bhad Bhabie felt when Chanel called her an "ignorant fool," she said, "I mean, I didn't even watch the whole thing. All I saw was her and I was like, 'I don't even know who that is,' and I didn't even pay it no mind." Then she said, "Enough of that b***h, I don't even care."

During a later interview in March 2018 with No Jumper, Bhad Bhabie was asked, "So what about Chanel West Coast?" She said, "Who?" So yeah, yikes.