The Wildest Celebrity Birthday Parties

We all love a good birthday celebration, but celebrities tend to take it over the top. For example, Leonardo DiCaprio celebrated his 40th with — surprise! — a ton of models. Drake caused a different kind of stir on his 34th, which he lavishly celebrated with friends, sparklers, and a questionable dinner menu that included not one, but two dishes featuring a "melange of sun-dried tomatoes, capers, raisins, and parsley," per Vanity Fair. What's the problem? One of them was mac and cheese! Then there was Paris Hilton's infamous 21st birthday, which lasted five days in five different time zones.

Most A-Listers live extravagantly on a daily basis, so you know that if they want to blow it out on a special day like their birthday, there's absolutely nothing stopping them. It's also safe to say that there are a lot of these shindigs that would be best lived vicariously, or at the very least in the role of a fly on the wall. Trust us, it definitely sounds like the safer bet.

If you've ever wished you could know just how wild celebrity birthday parties can get, then go ahead and blow out the candles and dive right into this list! 

Miley Cyrus' 22nd birthday bull ride

Miley Cyrus celebrated her 22nd birthday at the Metropolitan Nightclub (formerly known as Factory Nightclub) in LA, which was turned into "Miley's Happyland." Among the decorations were sex toys aplenty, marijuana leaves, and even "a pink phallic-shaped mechanical bull," via a report from ABC News. The "Party in the U.S.A" songstress did just that, "wearing a neon-pink-and-lime-green cut-out dress with a matching pink fluffy jacket." She was even caught topless at one point — all signs of a great party!

Guests at the event included Cyrus' then-boyfriend Patrick Schwarzenegger (remember when they were a thing?) and Adam Lambert, who paid tribute to the orally-fixated birthday girl by unfurling his own tongue onto a blow-up doll. Adding to the conundrum that is Miley Cyrus, her cake was an oversized pepperoni pizza pie, which she stepped in somewhere between getting on the bull and getting caught sans top, according to Acclaim. While the evening sounded like completely on-brand rager for the raucous star, a party insider told People, "She just really wanted Patrick and her friends there." Was he jealous of the "bull" or something? 

North West's Kidchella

North West, daughter of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, had a Coachella-themed party entitled "Kidchella" to celebrate her first year of life. Kim and Kanye threw the party on a Saturday so that it could take place over the weekend, when the inspiring concert festival normally takes place, although, truth be told, we're surprised Kidchella didn't stretch into a second weekend, like the Coachella does. At any rate, North's big day featured everything you would think you'd find at a Coachella for kids, including snow cones, teepees, a ferris wheel, and "goodie bags filled with moccasin booties," according to Refinery29. And much like the real Coachella features wealthy kids donning the garb of 60's era hippies, Kidchella had its own offensive appropriation moment thanks to Khloe Kardashian's decision to attend in a Native American headdress, offending people without knowing it in true Kardashian fashion. 

Speaking of attendees, guests included members of the Kardashian-Jenner Clan (Kylie, Kris, Kendall, Khloe) as well as Jaden Smith, who "sang along to some Kanye and Rihanna songs" with Kylie (remember when they were a thing?) according to the Huffington Post. Louis Vuitton creative director and close friend of Kanye West, Virgil Abloh, posted his wristband to Instagram, captioning the shot with the bold claim, "#KIDCHELLA rivaled Coachella." 

The sponcon carnival of the Gossip King

Blogger-turned-celebrity-personality Perez Hilton celebrated his 32nd birthday with a carnival-themed shindig entitled the "Carn-Evil Freak and Funk." The event was a collaboration with Paramount Special events and had over 400 people attending. Among them were Paula Abdul, RuPaul, John Stamos, and Katy Perry. The night included performances by Leona Lewis, Eve, and Liza Minnelli, who sang "New York, New York," and Lindsey Lohan as a guest DJ, according to BizBash

Via a video on Hilton's YouTube channel he says, "I like to keep it real. I would never spend my own money to throw a party like this, but thankfully there's some really cool people that helped me put it all together." Sponsors included Lifestyles Condoms, Alizé, and Café Bustelo, a combination Hilton seems to be fond of. "Condoms, booze, and then a pick-me-up? That's a great party," Hilton coyly added. Other sponsors included Arizona Iced Teas, Fatburger, Great American Cookies, and Joico Hair Products... presumably for after you're through with all the condoms, booze, and coffee. 

Katy Perry and the technicolor dream party

For her 25th birthday, pop icon Katy Perry had a Willy Wonka themed fête. Guests were asked to wear all white to the event, which turned into a huge paint fight, leaving guests covered in all colors of the rainbow. The colorful evening was held at the Beach On Sunset in West Hollywood, where attendees including Taylor Swift, Perry's then-beau Russell Brand (remember when THEY were a thing?... Ok, we'll stop), and P.Diddy, who the Daily Mail reports "sent his assistant out for six new pairs of white Levi jeans." So, how did that paint fight go? "[The guests] all left the party splattered from head-to-toe in neon paint," according to the Daily News.

Alas, the wild night did eventually come to an abrupt end; as all good parties do. Perez Hilton (who dressed as Mother Teresa for some reason) wrote on his blog, "We all had soooooo much fun that the lame-a** fire marshals put a damper on the whole party and kinda shut it down after Katy's blowing out her birthday cake turned into a food fight and cake was splattered all over the dance floor – claiming it was a hazard – and forced everybody to dance on the green astro turf in the other room." He added, "Then, the lame a** fire marshals told the DJs they had to cut their set early and they shut the party down just after 1 AM. Boo on you, Los Angeles fire marshals!"

Do Kate Moss' birthdays end in big groups in bed?

Supermodel Kate Moss is one of the most photographed supermodels of all time. She also has quite the reputation for being a party girl. But there are no known photographs of her 30th birthday, a party entitled "The Beautiful and The Damned," which recreated the world of the F. Scott Fitzgerald novel of the same name. One key difference? Moss' version allegedly ended in an orgy. The evening in question took place in Moss' seventh floor, two-bedroom suite at Claridge's in London after partying in townhouses owned by filmmaker Sam Taylor-Johnson and businesswoman Serena Rees. According to the Daily Mail, a mirrored bedroom door would open every couple of minutes and "a throng of naked bodies are revealed on the bed, taking part in what is a sexual free-for-all." Moss' friend, artist Tracey Emin, countered those claims to Vanity Fair, stating that she was in attendance and she saw no such sexual adventures happening.

Amazingly, the British bombshell made headlines for another alleged b-day... blowout, if you will, when the now-defunct News of the World falsely reported she engaged in a foursome with a man and two women while onlookers marveled during her 34th birthday celebration. This led to the model suing the publication for "false and defamatory allegations," according to Us Magazine (via HuffPost). The tabloid eventually apologized, per Marie Claire, and agreed to pay Moss a "cash settlement."

It's Stormi's world and we're all just living in it

Although Kylie Jenner is known to have quite the birthday bash herself, it's the party she put on for her daughter, Stormi Webster (a celebrity in her own right), that really took the cake (pun intended). For her daughter's festivities, Jenner put together a theme park-like wonderland complete with a roller coaster and other rides, called "StormiWorld." The clever moniker was conceived by combining her daughter's name with "Astroworld," the third album by Stormi's father, rapper Travis Scott. The entrance to the party was through the mouth of an inflated Stormi head, reminiscent of Scott's 2018 album cover. Stormi's head was also atop the roller coaster, on her cake (with spider legs), on merchandise at the gift shop and on pillows, according to Insider.

For as proud as Kylie was — and more importantly, how happy Stormi was — Twitter had a field day. One of the most memorable comments suggested the disembodies head theme may become a tradition: Journalist Ashley Spencer tweeted, "To everyone horrified by the Stormi World mouth tunnel, I regret to inform you this will be an annual event for the rest of our lifetimes. As Stormi grows, so too will her inflatable head." With parents like Travis and Kylie, let's hope Stormi's head doesn't get inflated in real life (figuratively, of course).

Happy Willoween!

Willow Smith, whose birthday falls on October 31st, had a Halloween-themed birthday party in 2019. In a video on her dad, Will Smith's YouTube page, he said, "She hasn't had a party in five years, Me and Jada really wanted to lay it out for her. ... This is her last year of teens to have her birthday party." Will and Jada Pinkett Smith hired a performing arts theater called Creep LA to assist with the event they dubbed as "Willoween." People reported that Jada and Will hired a performing arts theater whose forte just so happens to be "putting on immersive horror shows, to scare guests and provide an authentic horror experience." The Creep LA actors mingled with the party guests all night, and by "mingled," we mean terrified them by staying in nightmarish character. 

Still, it was a great night for Willow. Prior to cutting into her Alice In Wonderland-esque cake of mushrooms, Willow said, "This is amazing! Thank you guys so much for coming. I'm so grateful for you guys. I'm so grateful for all the love and the support and the community that I have in my life." It's really saying something when the tamest party on this list features theater performers acting like homicidal maniacs. 

Kim Kardashian West's 'humble' 40th b-day getaway

Kim Kardashian West flew her family and closest friends to a private island for a week to celebrate her 40th birthday in October 2020. There, they "danced, rode bikes, swam near whales, kayaked ... and so much more," according to West's much-maligned tweets about the trip. While this kind of lavish excursion was totally on-brand for the Kardashian clan, what caused the uproar is that it happened in the midst of a global pandemic!   

KKW only added fuel to the fire with her justification tweets, which claimed that the surprise trip was so she and her group could "feel normal" —  you know, on a trip almost no one on Earth can afford — and only happened "after 2 weeks of multiple health screens and asking everyone to quarantine." But the icing on the delusional birthday cake really hit with this sentiment: "In moments like these, I am humbly reminded of how privileged my life is." Needless to say Twitter ripped her a new one. This reply perhaps summed it up best: "If you understood your privilege then you would've kept this private instead of posting it for all the less privileged to see."

As of this writing, West hasn't specifically addressed the backlash, however, a source told Us Weekly, "She doesn't care. She thinks it's because people are jealous. ... She's happy with where she's at in life and knows who she is and is more confident than ever." Kim, you're doing amazing, sweetie

Kendall Jenner's risky Halloween

Not to be outdone by her sister (or COVID), Kendall Jenner held a 25th birthday celebration at Harriet's Rooftop in West Hollywood for 100 friends on Halloween 2020. TMZ reports that Justin and Hailey Bieber, Kylie Jenner, The Weeknd, and Jaden Smith were among the guests at the risky soiree. Photos showed flyers at the event that read, "NO SOCIAL MEDIA, take all the photos you want, but please do not post on social media of any kind," presumably to avoid the wrath of the internet felt by her sister.

With two of her daughters "humbly reminding themselves of their privilege," Kris Jenner was pressed for comment on Andy Cohen Live. The infamous momager shrugged off the criticism, saying that "everyone got tested before they walked in the door" to Kendall's party. And of the gatherings the clan has apparently had throughout the pandemic, be it a group of "five people or 25 people," she said, "We are really responsible and we make sure that everyone in our family and our closest friends are tested religiously. ... So, you know ... we try to follow the rules."

A moment for "the rules," if we may. While the CDC's Oct. 29, 2020 update on "considerations for events and gatherings" advises compliance with local regulators, it also warns that the "highest risk" of spreading COVID occurs during "large in-person gatherings where it is difficult for individuals to remain spaced at least 6 feet apart and attendees travel from outside the local area." Kris, you're doing amazing, too, sweetie.