What Jenelle Evans' Relationship With Nathan Griffith Is Like Today

After years of being at odds, Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans and her ex-fiancé Nathan Griffith came together on a custody agreement in October 2020. The pair first met on Tinder in June 2013, and the 16 and Pregnant alum learned she was pregnant by Griffith just a few months into their relationship, In Touch Weekly reported. The young couple welcomed their son Kaiser in June 2014 and got engaged a year later during a vacation in St. Thomas. But, things soon went left and the couple called it quits for good in August 2015, per Hollywood Life.

Tension became evident between the two after Jenelle moved on with her current husband David Eason. In 2018, Nathan and David were locked into a messy Twitter war where Nathan exposed private text message conversations and accused David of harassing him. The tweets and texts showed how tumultuous the former couple's co-parenting situation had become. Years later, Jenelle and Nathan finally seem to be on better terms. Here's a look.

Jenelle says she and Nathan overcame their differences

Fortunately, as the two grew older, Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith were able to reach a custody and co-parenting agreement for their son. "I am glad both parties can settle outside of court instead of fighting," Jenelle told In Touch Weekly in October 2020. She went on to explain how their personal growth aided in the two MTV stars being able to finally co-parent amicably. "I feel like co-parenting at such a young age is scary and hard to cope with," she explained. "Not everyone is going to get along to begin with. Everyone has a little space to grow and super glad we can all be on the same page now. Kaiser is a lot more happy and it's a very positive change."

According to TMZ, the former couple successfully worked out their own shared custody agreement outside of court and had a judge sign off on it. As part of their agreement, Jenelle has primary physical custody of Kaiser in her North Carolina home, while Nathan gets to enjoy visits with him every other weekend. Nathan's mother, Doris Griffith, was also included in the agreement and will have visits with Kaiser every fifth weekend. The two also agreed that when Nathan, who lives in Florida, is unavailable on his weekends, Kaiser will get to stay with his paternal grandmother. It's nice to see that these Teen Mom 2 alums are in a better place.