Al Roker's Daughter Is All Grown Up And Absolutely Gorgeous

Al Roker: meteorologist, news anchor, actor, author, and dedicated dad. Even with such a demanding career, Roker has figured out how to balance it all while raising two daughters and one son. He opened up about the different relationships he has formed with each of his kids over the years in an interview with Your Teen magazine. "When you take each other out of your comfort zone and have one-on-one time, you get a chance to see different things," he said of his time spent with them. 

His daughter Leila Roker, in particular, has found inspiration in both Al and his wife. (Her mother, Deborah Roberts, is an award-winning journalist and author.) Leila's LinkedIn lists an impressive resume of pre-professional experience she has gained while attending the American University of Paris, which includes bylines in Forbes, Peacock Plume, and Footwear News. It looks like she is making waves for herself in the news reporting industry by following in her parents' promising footsteps. Diving in further, Leila seems to have a range of interests, which include social media, working out, and yoga. Here is what we know about the life of Al Roker's daughter, who has grown up to be absolutely gorgeous.

Leila Roker was born with the help of science

Al Roker's daughter, Leila Roker, was brought into this world with the magic of science. Al has been open about the fertility struggles he encountered with wife Deborah Roberts when they tried having their first child together a year into their marriage. After trying to conceive for more than one year, the couple was ecstatic when they became pregnant. However, before they even got a chance to tell their friends and family, the baby was miscarried. That is when they turned to science and got pregnant again with in vitro fertilization. "This time I was afraid to be too happy," Roker penned in Guideposts. "I prayed every day, asking God to keep my wife and our unborn child in his hands."

Al's prayers were answered nine months later when his first daughter with Deborah was born at 9:17 in the morning on Tuesday, November 17, 1998. Al was thankful to hear the cries of his daughter when she was born and recalled his first time holding Leila in his arms. "My little girl wriggled in my arms and all at once I felt warmth surge through me. Love. For Courtney [his adopted daughter], for Leila and for Deborah. This was the answer to the mystery that had driven Deborah and me to want a child so much. Love without limits, just like God's love for all his children," he said.

Al Roker's daughter is a city girl like her city dad

Al Roker's daughter is a city girl through and through. She grew up in her family's gorgeous brownstone home in the center of Manhattan (according to Closer Weekly), with another residence situated in the Hudson River Valley just outside the city. We first got a peek into Leila Roker's life and personality when she and her dad ventured to Sequoia National Park for their first-ever camping trip in 2016, which was featured on the Today show. In the news package that aired, Leila shamelessly admitted that she was surprised she gave the trip a try. "I am a city kid, so like, camping? I'm not good at that," she said. 

It ended up being a great father-daughter bonding trip, and Al reflected on how much he learned about his middle child to Your Teen magazine. "I knew she wasn't crazy about birds, but I realized, 'Oh my God, you've almost got a full-blown phobia about this,'" he explained. "She's also funnier than I realized. I've always known she had a sense of humor, but she's got a really good sense of humor."

Leila Roker is fashionable and unafraid

Leila Roker has become a sort of a fashionista in her own right, telling Footwear News (via an Instagram post) that she has a closet filled with a variety of looks. "My style is fluid. Sometimes I like to be girly, and other times I like to be edgier," she noted. "Some weeks I'll wear a lot of skirts; other weeks I'll wear tomboyish styles," she continued. 

Leila is no stranger to sharing her fashion inspiration and tips, and unfortunately, that also means she is no stranger to internet trolls shaming her for her style. She once took to Instagram to defend herself against bullies who criticized her fashion choices. "I am 18 years old, I can wear what I want and do what I want," she slammed. She also told her haters that they didn't look as good as her and hadn't done as much in life as her. What a comeback! She ended her post with a reminder of the impact rude comments like these can have. "Thank you for continuing to be the barriers that set women back in being imprisoned by their looks," she quipped.

Al Roker's daughter fights for what she believes in

Besides sticking up for herself directly, Leila Roker has been outspoken about a range of topics she believes in.

The New York native often shares inspirational messages on her Instagram, like this photo that reads "Strong women intimidate boys ... and excite men." Leila also posted a selfie with award-winning journalist and author Ronan Farrow, who helped uncover the Harvey Weinstein scandal during the height of the #MeToo movement. "So excited and happy for you becoming the inviter of change we need right now!" she wrote.

Posting photos on Instagram is just the start of the budding journalist's activism. She penned an essay in Forbes that reflected on her first year of college, which led her to an unnerving realization she made about the conversation surrounding sexual assault. "I began to realize that many of the people around me held antiquated views on how men and women should carry themselves, and specifically, what the standards were for acceptable male behavior," she wrote. "I was suddenly faced with having to create my own definition of what is considered to be sexual harassment and assault," she continued. Her realization motivated her to work with her campus' chapter of It's On Us, a nonprofit organization meant to help men be more active in stopping sexual assault.

It is clear that Al Roker's daughter lives a life full of passion, so it's likely we will see more from her in the future.