How Kate Gosselin's Real Estate Decision Impacts Her Kids

Former Kate Plus 8 star Kate Gosselin has developed a reputation for calling the shots, but this time her actions may have caused some turmoil with her children. According to her ex-husband, Jon Gosselin, Kate left their kids out of the loop when it came to a big family decision. "Her house is listed, and she didn't even notify Hannah that she was moving," Jon said on The Dr. Oz Show, via E! News

According to People, the mom of eight put their family home on the market for $1,299,990 in October 2020. "I told Hannah and she was super upset," Jon told Dr. Oz, claiming he learned about the listing second-hand. Hannah Gosselin and her brother, Collin, do not live with Kate, but their dad said finding out that their childhood house was on the market took a toll. "She was pretty much upset that that was her childhood home, her mother selling it, didn't even call her to say, 'Hey, do you want any of your stuff or anything? Hey, I need to sell this house,'" Jon alleged.

Kate's relationship with her kids was already a sensitive topic. Following their divorce, Kate was initially awarded custody of all eight children, but Jon was granted custody of Hannah in September 2018, and he was granted custody of Collin in December of that year. While it's unclear exactly why these two live apart from their mom and their other six siblings, Jon said there's been "no contact" among them. Let's take a closer look at how Kate's real estate decision could drive her family even further apart.

Kate Gosselin may be struggling financially

Kate Gosselin's decision to sell their family home may not have been much of a choice. Rumor has it that she listed the property out of necessity or perhaps desperation. It's unclear why she allegedly didn't inform everyone in the family, but sources say she has her reasons.

According to InTouch, the reality star isn't "broke," but "her finances are not what they used to be." According to one insider, "She's not working, so there are no checks coming in." The source said, "It costs a lot of money to care for the kids and the lifestyle she's been accustomed to. Having a hit TV show had a lot of perks. Things have definitely changed. That's why she's looking to sell her home."

Although this decision may be necessary for Kate to continue to provide for her kids, it seems to be adding more fuel to the fire in what was already a very ugly custody battle and reputation war with her ex-husband Jon Gosselin. As the tabloid insider put it: "That's not cheap."