Bachelorette Fans Think It Didn't Take Long For Blake To Get Over Clare

Although Clare Crawley focused her short-lived journey as the lead on The Bachelorette around Dale Moss, she did form some other connections. In fact, the first kiss of the season was actually between Clare and Blake Moynes. She praised him for "breaking the rules" by sliding into her DM's while filming was paused due to the coronavirus pandemic, checking in to see how she was handling the quarantine. He seemed all in on Clare, seemingly not realizing that she was actually all in on Dale. When Chris Harrison told the guys that the group dates and cocktail parties were done, Blake was in disbelief that Clare was actually going to ditch being the Bachelorette just to be with Dale. Everything he believed would not happen did end up happening and he seemingly got very little closure from Clare's group chat with the cast, during which she dumped the remaining men all at once.

However, now that Tayshia Adams is the Bachelorette, Blake seems to be in a good place. He is already into Tayshia and, instead of just throwing a compliment her way, he took the opportunity to throw some shade at Clare, remarking, "I'm very relieved. This just feels so much more real in one interaction with Tayshia than it was in four interactions with Clare." Ouch. Even the viewers at home felt the heat from that burn.

Blake Moynes went all in on Tayshia Adams very quickly

After Blake Moynes dissed Clare Crawley, Twitter had a lot to say, as per usual. One fan remarked, "Blake, who was so heartbroken Clare left him literally last week: 'this one conversation with Tayshia already felt so much more real' stage five clinger energy for SURE." Another pointed out, "You can be excited for Tayshia without bad-mouthing Clare. I'm looking at you, Blake." Someone else observed, "Blake M. went from 'how dare Clare do this to me? She was the only girl for me' to 'I'm 100% here for Tayshia' real quick."

Some fans couldn't get past Blake's shift in demeanor, with one person remarking, "Blake last week: how DARE Clare do this to us. Nobody, especially Dale, will ever love her like I could love her. Blake tonight: 2 minutes with Tayshia is better than 4 interactions with Clare." One fan was spooked by Blake's big shift, tweeting, "In 5 second Blake has jumped from basically being in love with Clare to being all about Tayshia.... Can somebody spell red flag" along with a GIF of Steve Harvey waving a red flag.

One viewer included the hashtag "#playingthegame," when she tweeted, "Funny, Blake was whining that he read a book to woo Clare and was so genuine... and three minutes into Tayshia and he's more interested..." 

Is Blake's behavior suspicious? Or is he really just the ideal Bachelor franchise cast member, falling in love at warp speed? Only time will tell.