Clare Crawley's Surprise Appearance Has Bachelorette Fans Fuming

Now that Clare Crawley got her "happily ever after" with fiancé Dale MossThe Bachelorette fans are ready to see Tayshia Adams' love story play out as she steps into her new role as the lead. Her appearance has been teased for weeks, which has put some viewers on the edge of their seats with anticipation. Now, that Tayshia has finally stepped out of the limo and walked into the La Quinta Resort, viewers are ready to see more of her and get to know the guys who were eclipsed by Dale's presence during Clare's run.

Tayshia decided not to give out any roses her first night so she could spend more time getting to know the men before making her decisions, which was a logical and thoughtful decision. But then the camera panned to Clare. That's right — she's back. Clare and Dale participated in a sit-down interview with Chris Harrison to go over information that everybody already knew. Clare and Dale didn't talk before the show. She liked what she saw on Instagram during quarantine, and he came through when they finally met in person. Not one bit of new information was shared and some of the viewers were super annoyed by Clare cutting into Tayshia's screen time.

Bachelorette viewers wanted more of Tayshia Adams

What happened to "absence makes the heart grow fonder?" If Chris Harrison sat down with Clare Crawley and Dale Moss at the end of the season, fans might be more curious to know what's going on with them. Yes, Clare and Dale seem super happy, but fans want to switch things up, and they were hoping to see more of Tayshia Adams at this point in the season.

Someone tweeted, "Raise your hand if you don't care about Clare rn and want to see Tayshia" along with a Mean Girls GIF of students raising their hands. Someone else posted a photo of a skeleton and wrote "Bachelor Nation waiting for this Clare check-in to end so we can get back to Tayshia." Another viewer commented, "There's no way they're switching to Clare and Dale after only 40 minutes of Tayshia, right?" That's actually exactly what happened, which did upset some fans, with one tweeting, "Clare really couldn't just leave us be and let us have a full episode of Tayshia huh????? Just when we thought we were done with her she came back like."

After Arie Luyendyk Jr.'s controversial Bachelor finale, he and Lauren Burnham faced some heat. However, with time, a marriage, and a baby, they won over the fanbase with their love. Sure, it's too soon for some fans to see Clare again, but maybe with a bit of a break, she'll get the love that the Luyendyks get now, too.