Cheryl Burke Breaks Silence On Chrishell Stause Rumors

There is nothing hotter than a steamy Viennese waltz on Dancing With the Stars — well, except maybe a sizzling romance rumor. Here's what's going on — Amid Season 29 of Dancing With the Stars, pro-dancer Gleb Savchenko and his partner, actor Chrishell Stause, are facing affair rumors following the split of Gleb from his wife, Elena Samodanova. On Nov. 6, 2020, Savchenko announced via Instagram that the couple was "parting ways after 14 years of marriage."

Following the surprise split news, Samodanova accused her husband of "ongoing infidelity" and a "recent inappropriate relationship" in an interview with People. "No wife should ever stand by and watch while another woman gifts her husband expensive presents, lures him out to dinners and seduces him at every turn," Samodanova told the outlet. While she did not specifically name Stause in the interview, the breakup news led to online rumors of a romance between the DWTS partners. Savchenko responded to the implication in a statement to E! News, stating, "My relationship with Chrishell was and remains strictly platonic.'

Stause took to Instagram to deny the rumors as well, stating per People, "I am so saddened about the news of Gleb and Elena's split. It is unfortunate that this has caused rumors to swirl about my personal life." Referencing her public split from husband Justin Hartley, she said, "Having gone through a public split myself, I would not wish this on anyone." Cheryl Burke also weighed in on the Chrishell Stause and Gleb Savchenko rumors, and she didn't hold back.

Cheryl Burke breaks down the rumors

Chrishell Stause and Gleb Savchenko got eliminated from Dancing With the Stars just days before the news of Savchenko splitting from his wife was made public. Cheryl Burke decided to speak out and defend her fellow co-stars during a November 2020 episode of her Pretty Messed Up podcast, stating, "Okay guys, so I think we have to hash it out and talk about the elephant in the room. When you're in this world of Hollywood, you do reality shows and this stuff does happen."

"People dry hump and they're like, 'Oh! They're having sex. They're having sex.' But when you see a sex scene in a movie, do you think they're actually really having sex?" she argued, possibly referencing the pair's dance during their last week on Dancing with the Stars, which included the use of a prop bed. "S**t happens, but I'm not saying anything has happened with them. I'm just saying right now it's just a big deal because Gleb and his wife are separating," Burke said matter of factly.

Burke also acknowledged how rough these rumors must be for Gleb and Elena, stating, "I've known them for a while. They're both in the competitive dance world scene. I've known his wife, as well, and their beautiful kids and I send my love to Gleb and his family." She continued, This can't be easy for anybody right now, especially when you have kids involved."