What You Didn't Know About Johnny Orlando's Famous Sister

John Vincent "Johnny" Orlando has reached massive, home-grown success at a young age. The famous teen gained popularity by posting covers of popular songs by artists such as Justin Bieber, Shawn Mendes, and Taylor Swift to his YouTube channel when he was just eight years old. His channel now has more than 4.4 million followers.

He has since seen mainstream success with an impressive resume of songs, acting gigs, and awards under his belt. Johnny released his debut EP, VXIIXI, in December 2015 and dropped a hit single called "Let Go" the following year. His acting career also blossomed in 2015, as he landed roles in the cartoons Wishenpoof and Super Why!, and was seen onscreen in the Brat Channel's Total Eclipse beginning in 2018. By 2019, the young musician-actor was named best Canadian act by the MTV Europe Music Awards. 

With this Johnny Orlando takeover talk, it is sometimes easy to forget that he also has a famous sister. The internet was introduced to Lauren Orlando when she appeared in her big brother's YouTube videos. Now, she is a successful star in her own right. Here's what you didn't know about Johnny Orlando's famous sister.

Lauren Orlando is following in her brother's footsteps

Lauren Orlando readily jumped into the entertainment business as her big brother carved out his own singing and acting career. Lauren first appeared on camera for two of Johnny Orlando's music videos, and then landed a role on the same TV show as Johnny, Maddie Ziegler, Nadia Turner, and Emily Skinner as Kate in the Brat Channel's Total Eclipse. 

In a 2018 Q&A video on Famous Birthdays' YouTube channel, Lauren shared that her favorite thing about acting on the show is seeing all the characters' new fantasies upon the start of each new season: "Brat changes them every season, and we get to see something new, so I always look forward to seeing this." Lauren also starred in Netflix's Next Level in 2019, and provided her vocal chops for "Rebel" and "Special Place," which appear on the movie's soundtrack. 

As far as her future acting goals go, Lauren told Famous Birthdays that she would love to work with Zendaya, saying, "I think she's really cool and she's very talented, and I love what she stands up for and what she believes in." We couldn't agree more. Lauren added of the Euphoria star, "She's very multi-talented .... and she's kind of explored different things, which is something that I would really like to do, so I really look up to her."

Johnny Orlando and his famous sister have a tight bond

It's no secret that Lauren Orlando and Johnny Orlando are super close. Lauren sweetly told fans that one of her favorite YouTube videos was her smoothie challenge she filmed with Johnny back in 2014. "Even though it was super gross to film, the video was hilarious," she told A-List Nation Magazine in 2018.

Johnny has also expressed his love for his sister, and jokingly warned guys to stay away from her when he wished her a happy 15th birthday in November 2019. "You might think you're getting kinda old, but any boys trying to mess with u are still gonna have to take it up with the guy in the last pic," he wrote alongside some adorable throwback sibling snapshots. The last photo showed little Johnny flashing his guns for the camera. For Johnny's 17th birthday in January 2020, Lauren shared some pictures of her brother as a kid, writing, "This is my annual opportunity to [embarrass] u so i took advantage of it."

On top of sharing a close bond, Lauren and Johnny also love working together. In addition to being cast on the same Brat Channel show, they collaborated on another project in 2018, launching the Lauren & Johnny Store, where fans can snag anything from trendy merchandise to back-to-school essentials. Whether they are taking on the entertainment world or just joking around on social media, it's clear the talented Orlando siblings have a sweet, supportive relationship.

Lauren Orlando has more goals for her future

Lauren Orlando is quite the accomplished teenager, and she does not have any plans of slowing down. During her 2018 Q&A session with Famous Birthdays, the singer-actress told fans that she definitely saw herself getting more into acting and would also continue creating content on her social media channels. "The best part about having a YouTube channel is being able to share myself and my life with the people who watch my videos," she told A-List Nation Magazine. "I try to be as real and genuine as possible."

A newer endeavor she hoped to explore, though, was the fashion world. "I would also love to get into fashion design and designing in general," Laruen explained to Famous Birthdays with a smile. "I think that's really cool." The Brat Channel star has since gotten a taste of design through her shop with brother Johnny Orlando, in addition to becoming the first-ever face of Mudd Girls in 2018. Lauren also feeds her fashion needs at The Grove in Los Angeles, where she loves finding cute pieces from Brandy Melville and Top Shop, per A-List Nation Magazine

Lauren Orlando has plenty of things planned for herself, and her path in showbiz seems promising. Despite how busy she expects her future to be, she always finds time to do the other things she loves: skiing, soccer, listening to music, and tuning into Netflix.