The Bachelorette: These Lakers Slid Into Tayshia's DMs

Tayshia Adams stepping in as Clare Crawley's replacement on The Bachelorette is the worst-kept secret in the history of the Bachelor franchise. Every outlet, even those that don't normally report on spoilers, acknowledged the switch-up long before it aired. Now that Tayshia is finally in the spotlight, she's been doing press for her portion of the season. Since she can't reveal anything that actually went down during her televised pursuit of love, she has to spill some other tea to keep the fandom intrigued.

During an interview on Rachel Lindsay and Becca Kufrin's podcast Bachelor Happy Hour in November 2020, Rachel asked Tayshia, "Did anybody slide into your DMs before you were announced as the Bachelorette, that was from Clare's season?" Tayshia said, "No," which was not much of a scoop. However, Rachel observed that Tayshia "answered that as if others did." In response, Tayshia teased, "They have not slid into my DMs prior to, maybe after."

Again, not much of a scoop, but Tayshia did share this hint: "From Bachelor world, nobody. I've had a lot of people, just in general, but nobody Bachelor-related." Rachel picked up on that and asked, "Who is the most famous person that has slid into your DMs, blue check?" And that's when the tea started heating up.

Tayshia Adams has talked to a few famous athletes

During the podcast interview, Tayshia Adams teased, "I'm not gonna say the name, but I've talked to a Laker." That's when Rachel Lindsay took a guess, asking, "Is it Kuz?" She was referring to Los Angeles Laker Kyle Kuzma, who has been romantically linked to Vanessa Hudgens and Kendall Jenner. He is currently dating supermodel Winnie Harlow, according to Daily Mail.

After Tayshia said, "Maybe," Rachel claimed, "Kuz likes to pop in Bachelor girls' DMs." Unfortunately, Rachel didn't name-drop. However, Tayshia did fess up, "I have talked to Kuz." Then she started to say, "And actually I've talked to... No, I'm not going to mention it." When Rachel wondered if it was LeBron James, who has been married to Savannah James since 2013, Tayshia said, "No, no, I wish." Tayshia claimed, "No, believe me, no one exciting. I wish [it was]... someone really good, but no, no one exciting." Shade much?

When Rachel asked if it was Anthony Davis, Tayshia laughed and seemingly confirmed the guess. Tayshia insisted that "nobody that exciting" talked to her, which again feels a bit shady toward the Laker in question. After saying, "I died. I literally died," which she literally didn't, Tayshia promised, "The tea is dry. It's cold." What a letdown. Unless there's actually more to the story?