The Masked Singer: The Serpent Was Revealed To Be This Famous Doctor

Sometimes it's pretty easy to guess who the stars are underneath the masks on The Masked Singer. On Season 4 of the popular competition show, for example, Wendy Williams as the Lips wasn't fooling anybody at all. The internet and the judges all pegged her immediately, and they were proven correct when the mask came off. 

Other stars, however, aren't as easy to guess, and the judges and fans throw out everything they can think of to no avail. One of those stars that was a stumper was the Serpent. Judges have been guessing everyone from Broadway star Daveed Diggs to actor Donald Faison. The internet's guesses were equally as divided, with no one completely sure who might be under the mask with the incredible vocals. 

On the Nov. 18, 2020 show, Serpent sang "Cool" by the Jonas Brothers, wowing everyone with his vocals again. Unfortunately, though, he wasn't able to pull through to the next round of the show, leaving him unmasked in the end. And while most were stumped by his identity, there was one person who guessed it correctly: judge Nicole Scherzinger.

Dr. Elvis Francois made headlines as a singing surgeon amid COVID-19

When the Serpent mask came off, Dr. Elvis Francois was underneath. And while you might be questioning this contender's identity — "Who is Dr. Elvis Francois?" — you likely saw him in early 2020 when his singing videos went viral, particularly one of him singing "Imagine." The orthopedic surgeon even cut an EP to aid the Center of Disaster Philanthropy COVID-19 Response Fund

Many of Francois' clues pointed to his identity as a doctor, but it wasn't until the Nov. 18, 2020 episode when he revealed that he had previously performed with one of the judges that Nicole Scherzinger put the pieces together and locked in her guess for him. The two performed together back in May, which Scherzinger called on for her evidence. She was right, and the singing surgeon revealed himself as the Serpent.

But the end of the show featured perhaps the best moment of all. Judge Ken Jeong thanked Francois for everything he does as a surgeon and told him that his music was so special. It even brought Jeong to tears — and all of us at home, too.