MAFS: Does Brett Lindsey Ever Want To Get Married Again?

Brett Lindsey wasn't exactly the most liked guy on Married At First Sight. In fact, the season 11 cast member had one of the most uncomfortable endings in MAFS history. Brett appeared off to a good start when he was paired up with Olivia Conru. Experts matched Brett ("The Serial Dater")  with Olivia ("Ms. Sugar and Spice") due to them both being "loyal and ambitious." They were hopeful that the new couple's differences "would inspire each other."

During their early confessionals, Olivia, a nurse practitioner, came off bubbly and inviting. While, Brett, a government IT rep, boasted about being a "jack of all trades." Fans watched as Brett appeared to get shut down by a woman who attended the group bachelor party. "I think this is about you, so let's keep this about you and your engagement," she snapped at the soon-to-be-newlywed. If that wasn't enough of a sign that Brett and Olivia were on thin ice, once they eloped, it was clear they weren't meant to be. At the reunion episode, Olivia sat alone, being the only newlywed on the show to be ghosted by her partner. As bad as this marriage went, would Brett do it again?

Brett Lindsey still believes in marriage

During his trip to Mexico with Olivia Conru, Brett Lindsey showed even more signs that he was not cut out to be Married At First Sight. After Miles Williams asked him to rate his marriage on a scale of 1-10, Brett struggled to come up with a clear answer. "I wouldn't know how to rate the relationship that only exists as a series of staged events," he told the group of guys, adding, "that's ridiculous." Meanwhile, Olivia rated their marriage a seven out of 10. "It's not perfect, but it's not bad," she declared. "I think we're progressing at a slow pace, but it's a marriage." Christina Crochet went on to warn Olivia about her new husband being a "f**k boy." Olivia tried her best, but Brett still decided to exit the marriage before the couple made it to Decision Day. 

Despite how poorly he was portrayed in his first marriage, Brett doesn't want it to be his last. The reality star took to Reddit in November 2020 to confirm that his hope for a successful marriage in the future has not been lost. "No, I don't think that this changed my feelings about marriage," Brett explained to a curious fan. "With the right person, I would absolutely get married again. It'd have to be better, because honestly it couldn't be any worse." We're sure Olivia would agree.