Why The Internet Loved Becky G's AMA Acceptance Speech

Is someone cutting onions, or is it just Becky G.'s acceptance speech at the 2020 American Music Awards? Becky G. won the AMA for favorite Latin female artist, and fans loved her sweet acceptance speech.

"It's so crazy, man," Becky G. said. "When I first got signed at 14, I did a cover, and I said, 'It all started when my grandpa crossed over, now one day I'ma be a crossover.' It's insane, because today, I still carry that same sentiment. Except, I don't have to do the crossover because we are the crossover. And when it comes to me and the decisions that I make in my career, I proudly wave both flags, Mexican and American."

The singer's win is especially noteworthy this year, too — it's the first year that the AMAs have given out an award for favorite Latin female artist. As the Becky G. noted, she's come a long way from her "'Singing in the Shower' days," and she doesn't have to define herself by anyone else's rules or labels. Here's what fans had to say about her speech.

Becky G.'s 2020 AMAs speech shouted out immigrants and their families

"Becky's speech made me tear up. As the child of immigrant parents from Mexico, what Becky said up there is FACTS! I love you so much B congrats," one fan tweeted. "Couldnt feel happier how Latin music is accepted today mainstream," another fan wrote in response to Becky G.'s tweet about her big win. (The singer's tweet was decidedly shorter than her acceptance speech; she simply wrote "AHHHHHHHHHH.") "The latino power is here once and for all," another fan tweeted. And plenty more fans tweeted that Becky G.'s American Music Awards speech brought them to tears.

"Like many, many children and grandchildren of immigrants, no matter where they're from, we have learned from the ones before us what sacrifice and hard work looks like," Becky G. said in her speech. "And I dedicate this award to all of our immigrant workers in this pandemic, the students and immigrant families. It's because of my family, my abuelitos, that I stand here today."

Becky G.'s AMAs speech proves that she's only getting started — and she's going to keep making music on her own terms.