Why 90 Day Fiance Fans Think Sumit Never Really Planned To Marry Jenny

Sumit Singh and Jenny Slatten have spent years wedding planning on 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way. Fans of the show have wondered why it's taken the couple so long to tie the knot. They first appeared on Season 1, when Jenny made the difficult decision to relocate to India to be with Sumit. They had been dating long-distance since 2011, after Jenny messaged whom she believed to be a male model. However, she soon learned that she had been catfished and was actually falling for a telemarketer 30 years younger than her. Nonetheless, their love prevailed.

Upon arriving in India, Jenny became suspicious about Sumit as he would often disappear and leave her in their apartment alone. She soon learned that Sumit was hiding their relationship from his strict parents, who were not in support of their romance. Following a number of emotional arguments, Jenny returned to the U.S. after discovering the truth: that Sumit was already in an arranged marriage to another woman. In Season 2, Jenny went back to India yet again to be with Sumit after he promised to divorce his wife and marry her instead. But fans don't think it's ever going to happen. Here's why.

Fans accuse Sumit of 'stalling' their marriage

In a November 2020 episode of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, Sumit Singh was happy to share his divorce had been finalized, as noted by In Touch Weekly. However, he still appeared reluctant to finally marry Jenny Slatten or even get engaged, citing his parents' disapproval. A Reddit thread surfaced shortly after the episode aired, where fans voiced their suspicions of Sumit and Jenny's relationship. 

"When the lawyer told Sumit and Jenny they can get married Sumit looked shocked," the Reddit post read. "He is stalling for time by bringing his parents over again trying to convince them to approve of the marriage. He knows where his parents stand and he is hoping if Jenny sees their disgust for the relationship Jenny will change her mind about the wedding." The post went on to accuse Sumit of using Jenny "to spitefully get back at his parents for 'forcing' him into an arranged marriage." The post ended by calling Jenny out "for trying to push Western standards of love and relationships on this family." 

In the comments, fans even theorized that Sumit is "bored" now that the relationship is no longer "forbidden," or that he isn't really willing to give up his family for Jenny. Others guessed that he wants to stay on 90 Day Fiancé for the money. In any case, fans will just have to stay tuned to find out the truth.