Inside Brielle Biermann's Relationship With Her Mom

Mothers and daughters often have a very special bond and Brielle Biermann and Kim Zolciak-Biermann are no exception. The former Real Housewives of Atlanta star first welcomed her firstborn when she was only 18 years old. She raised her as a single parent for years, cementing their unique relationship. Even after marrying Kroy Biermann and welcoming four children together, the mom never forgot who her Day One was. "My side kick, My heart, My strength, My pride and joy, My best friend, My daughter YOU amaze me!!" Kim wrote to her daughter on Instagram for her birthday in 2018. "We made it Elle I always knew we would! You are such a blessing to this world! Thank you for making my 'job' as your mom an easy one."

Now that Brielle is in her twenties, the two are closer than ever. The pair often work together on various projects, including their reality show Don't Be Tardy, and their makeup brand KAB Cosmetics. Keep scrolling for more details about the iconic mother-daughter duo and their special bond.

Brielle and Kim Biermann love working together

While some kids need a little bit of space from their loved ones, Brielle Biermann does not mind being in constant contact with her mom and working with her on various endeavors. "It's really fun," Brielle said of working with her mother during an interview on In The Know's podcast We Should Talk in October 2020. "It's super funny, because we'll leave an event and we'll be s**t talking a little bit about certain things that happened or people. I tell [her] everything, down to the last weird thing you probably wouldn't want to share with your mom."

It appears that the feelings are mutual. "I feel very blessed to have her. It's really fun," Kim said on the podcast. "What better job is there? You get to work with your family, you get to do interviews with your family. We're very similar people. It's very very fun. We've been on TV for, what, 13 years together?" We have to agree— it sounds like these two are the epitome of relationship and career goals!